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Specification Table

Equivalent Wattage:
Input Voltage:
85-265v AC
Working Frequency:
50-60 mHz
Height (mm):
180mm Excl. PIR
Depth (mm):
Width (mm):
Life Hours:
Beam Angle:
IP Rating:
Glass & Aluminium
Black or White
3 Years

Infinity 3.0 50w PIR Motion Sensor LED Floodlight Description

Protecting your home from danger has never been easier - or cheaper - thanks to the Infinity 50w PIR Motion Sensor LED Floodlight developed by Mirrorstone. So whether you just wish to replace the floodlight you currently have installed or try and increase the security of your home, there is always a place for this floodlight.

This floodlight comes fully IP65 rated, meaning the durable glass on the front and the aluminium casing makes it perfect for withstanding any weather thrown its way.

Introducing Infinity 2.0

The Infinity 2.0 range of LED floodlights is much improved, with more penetrative light reaching into the limits of your exterior. The energy-efficiency has been massively heightened, with a much higher brightness-to-watts ratio than ever before. The PIR sensors on selected models have also been finely-tuned, to avoid erroneous actions, and only highlight what’s necessary.

Light Up The Great Outdoors

Using one 50w SMD LED (Surface Mounted Diode) it allows the floodlight to have a wide 120° beam angle spreading the light out. With this large coverage being intertwined with a 4500 lumen light output the final product is a garden or drive full of bright light.

Depending on the decor that you have, there is also a colour temperature to match, with the light available in either Warm White at 3000k or Cool White, at 6500k.

For a colour that replicates a halogen light bulb the closest and makes the transition to LED seamless, Warm White is the best option thanks to its warm glow.

Alternatively, if you'd like a light colour that offers a more penetrating light and is useful for task lighting, Cool White would be the better choice out of the two.

This Floodlight doesn’t come with any form of override.

Make Long Term Savings with LEDs

Replacing a floodlight can be a great inconvenience at the best of times, costing you both money and your time. Reduce the amount of money you have to spend on replacements and the amount of time you have to spend fixing them thanks to the 30,000 hour lifespan on offer.

This total lifespan means that you can easily expect 10 years usage from this floodlight with no problems.

Protect Your Home With On Demand Motion Detection

To help reduce the trouble of finding and ordering a separate unit, the Infinity 50w PIR LED Floodlight comes with an integrated PIR motion sensor. This sensor can detect movement for up to 15m.

Not only that, but you can customise the amount of time the floodlight remains illuminated. For a short burst, you can have the light stay on for 5 seconds or, you can have it on for up to 10 minutes without the need for detection.

The PIR is more than just useful though, with a potential to deter any burglars or vandals. It is also great for money saving, only switching the LED floodlight on when it is needed.

3 Year Warranty With A Cancellation Period

With multiple options available and even different wattages to choose, finding the right floodlight straight away may be quite difficult.

Take advantage of our 14-day cancellation period. This policy applies to any LED Floodlight and means you have peace of mind knowing you'll be able to get the right item regardless.

We're also aware that, as an electrical item, there is a chance that the floodlight could fail. However slim this chance is, there is a 3 year warranty as standard to protect you against any failures.

Savings To Be Made Before You've Installed Anything

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If you have any sort of query on this product, or any other of our LED Floodlights or even if you are a in the trade then get in touch by e-mailing or give our customer service team a call on 0116 321 4120.