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1 Year

NeoDeck Pack Of 9 60mm Cool White LED Decking Lights Description

This NeoDeck Pack Of 9 60mm Cool White LED Decking Lights is a modern and stylish way to bring some light into your garden.

Needing just a 44mm cutting hole, you can pop these bright white LEDs into them for outdoor illumination for 20 years! Resistant against tough weather and glistening more than ever, this pack of decking lights just need 4.8 watts to keep emitting light.

You can light up in peace with our 12 month warranty.

Introducing NeoDeck

The NeoDeck range of decking lights upgrades your outdoor experience. With a more vivid light than ever before, your coloured or white lights will brighten up your night. It’s the same low energy usage you’d expect, with brighter lights, and improved weather resistance. It’s a completely new decking adventure.

Please be aware that the supplied transformer is only designed to run the amount of lights included in the pack. You cannot add any more lights on, else this will overload the transformer.

Not-So-Simple LEDs

The outside of the home can reflect your personality as much as the inside can. If you don’t want something boring or simple, go crazy with our coloured outdoor lighting.

Make a bold statement with the NeoDeck Red LED Decking Light Kit 40mm. Emitting a bright red over your garden, this pack of decking lights simply require 3.5 watts of power and comes with an IP44 rated low voltage transformer for your convenience.

The grass will always be greener with the Green LED Decking Light Kit 15mm. One of our smallest little lights, these decking fittings wiggle into a 10mm cutting hole and just need 1 watt of power.

LED Colour Terms You Should Know

Our lights differ from others as many are offered in different colour options for you to express your creativity. But, what terminology is the most important?

Colour Temperature: Measured in Kelvin (K), this refers to the colour of the light emitted by a bulb or integrated fitting.

Warm White: Perfect for bedrooms and living areas, warm white is 3000K and has a yellow undertone to the shade.

Cool White: A good option for functional rooms, like a bathroom or kitchen, cool white (6000K) is an icy white with a very bright glow.

RGB: An acronym for red, green and blue, this refers to the three main primary colours used by colour changing products.

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