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10W Portable LED Floodlight Description

Spending time in the dark and need a little extra light? Then check out the 10W Portable LED Floodlight. With a convenient handle bar, and being powered solely by batteries, you can easily take it with you wherever you go.

Designed by Mirrorstone Lighting, it measures a handy 140mm in width, 190mm in depth and 230mm in height. Additionally, it is mainly made from aluminium, meaning it is extremely light and can be carried with ease.

We highly recommend this flood light to be essentially used as supplementary light when there is little to none available - which is why it only emits 700 lumens of light.

You will however have a wide beam of light, 120° in fact, so a large surface area will be reached and the coverage will be more even.

To generate the luminosity, it uses just 10W of power, much lower than the halogen equivalent being 90W. This ensures that it is much more energy-efficient, safer and longer lasting with a lengthy lifespan of approximately 50,000 hours.

IP Ratings Explained

The mixture of the sturdy aluminium and curved glass gives this particular flood light an IP Rating of IP44. What does this mean though?

It can be hard to get your head around, however, in simple terms:

There are two digits and two letters, with the IP standing for Ingress Protection.

The digits on the other hand both represent something different, the first being the protection against foreign objects. The higher the number the better guarded it is against smaller particles like dust.

The second digits represents the insurance against water, so again, the higher the number, the more waterproof it is.

A rating of IP44 in turn means it is water resistant and is protected against objects larger than 1mm.

Fittings For The Entire Garden

Create a wonderland and brighten your garden with our outdoor lights.

Got a large outdoor area you want to light up? Upgrade to the powerful Infinity 2.0 50w LED Floodlight. Beaming out an illuminous 4500 lumens of light using just 50W of power will ensure every inch of the garden is well lit.

Enhance your savings by getting to grips with a Infinity 2.0 10w PIR Motion Sensor LED Floodlight. The use of PIR sensors allows it to turn on and off depending on whether you are in the area or not, conserving energy and reducing those troublesome bills.

Check out the rest of our LED flood lights which come in a variety of power outputs and ranges.

Get The Benefits

Overall, LEDs have a wider array of benefits over the standard halogen bulbs.

As mentioned above, they are much more efficient. This is because they use 90% less energy than an incandescent, not only having a beneficial impact on the environment, but also reducing your bills at the same time.

They also have a better-quality light, as they have the highest lumen-to-watt ratio of any type of light. This is why they produce a substantial number of lumens, while using little electricity.

Our Policy

We understand that things can go wrong, which is why we have a useful two-year warranty. So, if any issues do arise, you’ll be completely covered by us.

There is also a 28-day trial period, meaning you can test out the product before fully committing to the purchase.

Cut The Cost

Our website has a pretty useful discount code page, full of offers of up to 20% off of selected items.

Get an extra treat by spending just £40.00 with us today, to have your delivery costs free of charge.

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