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Specification Table

Equivalent Wattage:
Input Voltage:
AC 220-240v
Working Frequency:
Height (mm):
Depth (mm):
Width (mm):
Life Hours:
Beam Angle:
IP Rating:
Glass, Aluminium
Warm White (3000K), Cool White (6000K) and Daylight (4000K)
3 Years

InfinityPlus 100W PIR Motion Sensor/Dusk Dawn LED Floodlight, 10000 Lumens Description

Have your homes exterior flooded with light by purchasing the InfinityPlus 100W PIR Motion Sensor/Dusk Dawn LED Floodlight from Mirrorstone. Making the perfect replacement for a 1000W halogen, it is powered by just 100W and is rated IP65 so it can be mounted outside without the fear of being damaged by water.

Pre-connected with Twin and Earth cable and certified CE, swapping it over for your old halogen version is super easy.

Please be aware that the wall bracket will require an Allen key to adjust it.

Thanks to LEDs being incredibly energy efficient, they provide savings of up to 90% almost instantly. Not to mention that you can save up to 20% off across the store when you apply a promotional code at checkout.

Introducing InfinityPlus

Protect your home and loved ones with an InfinityPlus Floodlight from Mirrorstone Lighting. With a sturdy body and handle, these waterproof units emit in a triple-white cycle. This means you benefit from Warm, Cool and Daylight White with the push of a button. With a textured glass cover and toughened aluminium compound body for added protection against any weather, opt for either PIR or a Dusk/Dawn sensor too for this security light to shine with an increased number of lumens.

A Range Of Colour Options

Just as all our standard InfinityPlus Floodlights, the illumination comes from a series of Surface Mounted Diodes (SMDs) in a vivid 10,000lm. Emitting at a large 120° beam angle, you will achieve a large, full wave of light.

This unit comes in your choice of either Grey or Black, and is equipped with a triple-white cycle. Therefore, you have the opportunity to switch between Warm White (3000K), Daylight (4000K) and Cool White (6000K).

For an illumination light that is similar to a halogen, the Warm White (3000K) would be a great choice as it has a softer, creamy colour - helping it replicate the yellow of traditional lights better than any other.

Alternatively, if you would like a colour that is as bright as can be, then you also have the option of Cool White (6000K). The Cool White is a sharp and icy white that is great for any form of external lighting.

Daylight (4000K) falls down the middle of the two, creating a balanced colour perfect for any setting.

If you aren't sure exactly on the colour that you want to use for a particular space, then refer to our guide to colours of LEDs.

Keep Your Property Safe With Your Choice Of Sensor

Unlike our range of standard LED Floodlights, this PIR LED Floodlight features a choice of either a PIR Motion Sensor or a Dusk Dawn Sensor.

The motion detection allows for the Floodlight to be triggered by movement. This on-demand illumination adds a level of security by helping deter potential vandals or burglars. Not only this, but only coming on when they are needed to, it can help you make maximum savings.

The Dusk Dawn Sensor will toggle the unit on and off dependent on the ambient light level, allowing for a more efficient use of your outdoor lighting, only switching on when it needs to.

Over 10 Years Of Outdoor Lighting

LED Floodlights are designed with longevity in mind which making replacements a very rare instance.

This long-lifespan is around 30,000 hours which is at least a 10-year life, if not more!

The Corporate Stuff

Due to the wide range of colours and finishes available, you can never be certain what you'll get will be right for you. In light of this, we offer an exchange and returns period your original item, up 28 days after purchase. Please be informed that, as a special-order item, this fitting is subject to a 15% restocking fee.

There is a 3-year warranty offered alongside this to maintain your peace of mind.

If you require any further information on the LED Floodlights or the integrated motion sensor - as well as any queries about creating a trade account by a trade account - don't be afraid to get in touch with us by calling 0116 321 4120 or by e-mailing

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