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240v Mains
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1 Year
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Mellor Outdoor Downlight Black Description

Illuminate down towards your patio and get the perfect backlighting effect thanks to the Mellor Outdoor Downlight. Featuring a striking matte Black finish and a cylindrical design, it can effortlessly fit in with any decor style you have installed. Alongside this fluid design, it can take a standard size GU10, but it has been designed specifically for LEDs with a 3.5w Maximum Load.

This low load means that you will make huge savings that can be up to 90% on your original running costs. LEDs don't just save you money, but they also have a huge range of other benefits that aren't as tangible.

LEDs are specifically designed with the environment in mind with their renowned low power, they are also fully recyclable making them greatly more beneficial than the lights that they're taking over from. Not only do they benefit the environment a lot more, but as they contain no toxic substances such as mercury, they also possess health benefits for you!

As it designed for use externally, it comes with an IP rating of 44 to protect it from direct splashes of water. It is the minimum rating required for bathrooms due to its resilience to water splashes proving its worth externally.

EasiLight: A World Of Colour In Your Hands

Add some colour to your garden with our exclusive EasiLight RGB bulbs. Compatible with selected fittings, simply pop in the bulb and control using a remote – gone are the days of switches.

Innovate your home’s exterior with this smart technology and control your lighting from the push of a button. This intelligent range can emit up to 16 million colours using Wi-Fi, dim or brighten to your chosen aesthetic and can even be paired with your Amazon Alexa smart-home device. Still with the low cost, tough durability and long life-span of LEDs, have the added bonus of wowing your guests with this truly unique and mesmerising lighting.

Connect your bulb with Wi-Fi Bridge Box to control the speed, brightness and other bulb functions via your smartphone, or opt for a 4 Zone Wallplate when you have multiple bulbs to control. Don’t forget to purchase your Remote Holder to ensure it never escapes. For more options, simply search ‘Easilight’ in our search bar for the entire range!

Please note that when purchasing the RGB bulbs with this fitting, you will need a minimum of one remote to control your bulbs. So, if you’re purchasing a single fitting, you will need to pick the option with remote, whereas if you’re purchasing multiple fittings, only one of them needs to be purchased with a remote.

Lighting Up Your Patio The Right Way

Like previously mentioned, the Mellor Outdoor Downlight has a maximum load of 3.5w meaning it is very limited as to what can be installed into it.

Despite the low load it is capable of, it can still house a standard 53mm high GU10 and there are two bulbs available for you to install into the unit, the Mirrorstone GU10 spotlight 48SMD and GU10 LED 80SMD. Both spotlights have a 50,000 hour lifespan that equates to about 15 years as well as a 120° beam angle. They both also feature the option to choose between either Warm White or Cool White whilst the 80SMD comes with additional option of Daylight (4000K).

Whilst similar in appearance, both spotlights can be used for very different applications thanks to their difference in power, and subsequently, light output.

The 48SMD uses an almost undetectable 2.5w worth of power but with a 268 Lumen Light output, it is still equivalent to a 40w Halogen spotlight.

Alternatively, there is a meagre difference of 0.8w between the 48SMD and the 80SMD yet a 132 Lumen difference, making the 80SMD better if you are looking to illuminate areas, where as the 48SMD is better for effect lighting.

Take Advantage Of All The Special Offers And Discounts Available

The Mellor Outdoor Downlight, like all outdoor light fittings, comes with a 1 year replacement warranty for any failures within the first year. Even though you are covered by this warranty, you won't be needing it due to the exceptional reliability of the unit. On top of this warranty, each individual LED GU10 comes with a standard warranty of 2 years which can then be upgraded, free of charge, to 5 years!

Alongside these two impressive warranties, you also get a 28 day exchange and returns period. In the event where you decide you do not like the light fitting, the colour of the bulbs or their brightness then you are eligible to return them for either an exchange or refund. However, the Mellor Outdoor Downlight is a special order item and take an extra 2-3 days for delivery and refunds for them are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

Not only do you get two warranties and a returns period 28 days long, but for any orders that are over £40, you can benefit from free delivery at 2-3 days. On top of these multiple, free services, there is also a range of preservative and unique codes for discount of up to 20% on selected products.

For more information on the Mellor Outdoor Downlight, or any of the external wall lights as well as any of the bulbs that can go into them then please feel free to get in touch with us by calling 0116 321 4120 or by e-mail on

We also have a trade site specifically for trade customers, apply for an account now and get the best LEDs at the best prices!