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EliteR Polypropylene Outdoor Wall Lantern


EliteR Polypropylene Outdoor Wall Lantern

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Key Features:
  • Mirrorstone
  • E27
  • 240v Mains
  • 350mm
  • 200mm
  • 225mm
As this is a special order item, please allow an additional 3-4 working days on top of delivery for this product.
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Traditionally styled to make your front or rear garden look like a traditional countryside home, the Polypropylene Outdoor Wall Lantern comes in four distinct finishes of Black, White, Black Gold and Black Silver.

Each of the Black Gold and Black Silver finishes both come with a base finish of Black and are then painted with their respective finishes. With the right finish, you will be able to fit this lantern into any location and make it look as if it was always there.

Despite such a focus on its style and finishes, it maintains its functionality by coming IP44 rated. This IP rating is the minimum needed for bathroom fittings so it is more than usable externally thanks to its resistance to splashing water.

Not only is there an array of finishes available, but they also support a wide range of E27 LED bulbs including the whole range of E27 LED light bulbs developed by Mirrorstone, even including the new range that feature OMNI-LED technology.

Even though it has a maximum load of 60w, the low load of LEDs mean that the you'll never encounter any problems in terms of overloading the fitting and you can even make savings of up to 90% on your lighting costs.

The huge cost saving isn't the only benefit that you can achieve from LEDs as they have more non-commercial benefits that effect you directly such as the fact that they contain no toxic materials such as mercury, like CFLs do. This, alongside plenty of other factors such as the fact that LEDs don't flicker mean that not only are they more than beneficial to your wallets, but also to your personal health!

Another benefit of LEDs that tends to go under the radar is its eco-friendly design. As you are aware, LEDs use next to no power to achieve their bright light output, but this isn't the only environmentally beneficial factor. LEDs were created to be fully recyclable after they have used up all of their lifespan. Whilst this doesn't directly affect you, it makes disposing of them exceptionally easy.

Introducing EliteR

The EliteR range of outdoor lights brings a real sense of class. They’ve also been redesigned to maximise what you get out of them. Their resilience to weather has been boosted hugely, increasing their IP rating and therefore their water-resistance. They’ve also been built to be durable, with a focus on premium materials.

EasiLight: A World Of Colour In Your Hands

Add some colour to your garden with our exclusive EasiLight RGB bulbs. Compatible with selected fittings, simply pop in the bulb and control using a remote – gone are the days of switches.

Innovate your home’s exterior with this smart technology and control your lighting from the push of a button. This intelligent range can emit up to 16 million colours using Wi-Fi, dim or brighten to your chosen aesthetic and can even be paired with your Amazon Alexa smart-home device. Still with the low cost, tough durability and long life-span of LEDs, have the added bonus of wowing your guests with this truly unique and mesmerising lighting.

Connect your bulb with Wi-Fi Bridge Box to control the speed, brightness and other bulb functions via your smartphone, or opt for a 4 Zone Wallplate when you have multiple bulbs to control. Don’t forget to purchase your Remote Holder to ensure it never escapes. For more options, simply search ‘Easilight’ in our search bar for the entire range!

Please note that when purchasing the RGB bulbs with this fitting, you will need a minimum of one remote to control your bulbs. So, if you’re purchasing a single fitting, you will need to pick the option with remote, whereas if you’re purchasing multiple fittings, only one of them needs to be purchased with a remote.

Matching The Finish To The Bulb

As each Polypropylene Outdoor Wall Lantern comes with a standard E27 fitting, it is obviously limited to the bulbs that can be installed into it.

To help you narrow down the options, we have given you the option to purchase the fitting alongside one of our best selling light bulbs, the 60SMD LED Globe manufactured by Mirrorstone. Each bulbs comes with an estimated lifespan of 50,000 hours meaning you can get up to 15 years worth of light out of them!

Despite this option being available, there is no restriction on having another one of our brilliant LED lights such as the E27 5w LED Globe or the 3w OMNI-LED Golf Ball. There is even a range of Dimmable E27 LEDs that you can use to add another dimension to your home which include the 6w OMNI-LED Globe and 3w OMNI-LED Candle. If you do opt for one of the dimmable ranges of bulbs then you'll also need to install an LED compatible dimmer switch.

To be an LED compatible LED Dimmer switch it needs to be a Low Load Trailing Edge Dimmer Switch, for the best results, we always recommend you use the Varilight range of Rotary Dimmer Switches and their new range of Touch sensitive dimmer switches.

Save Money All Purchases And Make Use Of Some Great Services

As with the full range of cosmetically attractive outdoor wall lights, the Polypropylene Outdoor Wall Lantern comes with a replacement warranty of a year helping you avoid any premature failures of the unit. If there ever are any failures with the units then you will find it within a week of installation as you will find any failures are located promptly.

On top of this warranty, any Mirrorstone LED light bulb comes with a separate 2 year warranty as standard, again, covering you for any premature failures. This warranty, however, comes with a unique opportunity to be upgraded to 5 years at no extra cost!

These two sublime warranties are also complemented by the 14-day cancellation period, allowing you to make a full, informed decision on what you have to help you get the effect you would like. This means you can return the items to exchange them over to a something different or if you are not happy with them, send them back for a refund. Please note however, that as this item is special order it takes an extra 1-2 days for delivery and any refunds requested are subject to a 15% restocking fee.

These two offers run alongside a plentiful selection of discount codes each coming with their own different offers. These discount codes can range from anywhere between 10-20% meaning that you can make up to a total of a 30% saving on your order before it has even been dispatch.

If you require any further information about the Polypropylene Outdoor Wall Lantern or any more of the range of external wall lights as well as what bulbs would be best suited to them, then get it touch with us by calling 0116 321 4120 or by sending an e-mail to our customer services team at

We have also recently released a trade site, designed specifically for tradespeople where you can benefit from heavily discounted products. So apply for an account now and start making your savings.

More Information
Brand Mirrorstone
Base E27
Voltage 240v Mains
Height (mm) 350mm
Width (mm) 200mm
Depth (mm) 225mm
Warranty 1 Year
IP Rating IP44
Available Finishes Black, White, Black/Silver, Black/Gold
Life Hours 30,000
Certification CE, RoHS

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