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Rocker Switch
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Rocker Switch
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1 Year
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Varilight 3 Gang 1 or 2 Way 10A Rocker Light Switch Screwless Plate Description

Check out these gorgeous and stylish 3-gang 10amp rocker switches from market leader Varilight.

With these stunning switches adorning your walls, your room or rooms will be transformed from drab to fab!

If you’re thinking of re-vamping your home’s fittings entirely, you might also consider upgrading your existing plug sockets, as we stock Varilight’s scewless plate range.

Yes, these rocker switches and plug sockets will complement each other perfectly, as both are available in Premium White, Matt, Mirror and Satin Chrome, Polished and Brushed Brass, Iridium Black, Mocha and Pewter finishes.

So, you’ll be able to match them up, and align them with every conceivable decor.

Should you need to control a different number of light fittings with your switch, you might like to know that we also sell Varilight 1-gang, 2-gang, 4-gang and 6-gang screwless models, and 1, 2 and 3-gang switches in the standard plate range. We stock a huge selection of Rocker Light Switches, so give it a try and you'll definitely find the right product.

For your convenience, they’ll slot nicely and simply into the gaps left by your current fittings, as they’re designed to work with your existing wiring.

Chill Out – Get Ambient!

Modern life is pretty stressful, and no room in which you’ve replaced the light fittings would be complete without a stress-relieving ambience-upgrade!

Yes, strange as it sounds, current thinking links a room’s Feng Shui as much to the lighting employed as to the placement of the furniture.

LED light bulbs and spotlights are available in three different colour temperatures to allow you to achieve just this effect. Cool White (6000K) has become particularly popular in functional rooms and areas such as kitchens and bathrooms, whereas both Warm (3000K) and Daylight White (4000K) are ensuring that people’s living rooms and bedrooms are appropriately illuminated.

Improvements All Round!

It’s not only in the lighting colour department that LED lights beat more traditional light sources hands down either.

No, you’ll find that switching completely from your current fluorescent and incandescent bulbs to LED will bring you benefits you never even considered before!

LEDs are superior to their traditional counterparts in so many ways, not least of which is their comparative energy-efficiency and life-expectancy. They outlast incandescent bulbs by 20 to 1, and require only a fraction of the electricity to power them, in spite of producing the equivalent in Lumens of brightness.

They achieve both these feats by working at a much lower temperature than incandescent bulbs. Consequently, they require a smaller amount of electricity to power them, and deteriorate less in efficacy due to damaging heat.

So, basically, you’ll be able to forget about changing them for a long time, and you’ll save money on power as well!

But that’s not all, because LEDs are better for the environment too.

Halogen bulbs work by electrifying Mercury vapour, which becomes excited and produces UV rays. LEDs don’t contain any such dangerous elements, nor do they produce light known to cause premature aging and certain types of skin cancer.

And, because they’re eminently more recyclable, LED lights won’t end their lives in landfill sites, as old style bulbs invariably do.

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Now you can also convert to being a trade customer, thereby becoming able to take advantage of out even more seriously discounted wholesale prices.

28-Day No-Questions-Asked Home Trial

We’re pragmatists, so we know that, try as we might, there’s no way we’ll please 100% of people 100% of the time.

That’s okay though, because if you’re not completely happy with a 3 Gang 1 or 2 Way 10A Rocker Light Switch you’ve bought from us, just get in touch and as long as you let us know within 14 days of the purchase date, you’ll be able to return it and receive a replacement or a refund.

Please note, however, that all Varilight products are special order items, so they’ll be subject to a 15% restocking fee should you need to return them.

This Varilight 3 Gang 1 or 2 Way 10A Rocker Light Switch Screwless Plate is protected by a 12-month manufacturer’s warranty.

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