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220V - 250V
Maximum Load
Touch Control
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Specification Table

Touch Control
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Depth (mm):
Maximum Load:
1 Year
Input Voltage:
220V - 250V

Varilight V-Pro Classic Eclique 2 1-Gang Master Dimmer / Slave Unit Description

Bring the newest and smoothest dimming technology to your home with the V-Pro Classic Eclique2 1-Gang Master Dimmer / Slave Unit from Varilight, one of the leading manufacturers in dimmer switches.

Even with this great leap in dimming technology, your switches can still maintain a traditional look. With 8 different finishes available, you won't struggle to find a room to fit them in. These finishes are:

  • Mirror Chrome;
  • Matt Chrome;
  • Satin Chrome;
  • Polished Brass;
  • Georgian Brass;
  • Iridium Black;
  • Pewter;
  • Graphite.

Each of these finishes are available in more than just this 1 gang switch as well. With 2-gang, 3-gang and 4-gang switches available in each finish you can maintain a uniform look around the house or give each room its own personal flair.

Our range of touch dimmers isn't limited to the Classic range however, with Screwless, Ultra Flat and Lily ranges available to give you the option of almost any switch you'd like.

Unsurprisingly, the Screwless range does what it says on the tin, it features the same finishes as the Classic, but the mounting screws are hidden away.

Like the classic range, the Ultra Flat switches have their screws on show. However, unlike the classic range, the faceplate for these switches are incredibly thin and look as if they are flush to the wall!

Finally, the Lily range is for the more outlandish and fun installations. Featuring the visible screws like the Classic range, is the single aesthetic comparison you can make.

Unlike the traditional finishes that are available in the other ranges such as Matt Chrome and Polished Brass, the Lily features finishes like Pillar Box Red and Reflex Blue.

If you aren't sure on having this new touch technology then you can also get one of traditionally styled rotary dimmers.

You can also dim the lights on each gang from up to 3 different locations! Each switch comes with the option of being a Master or Slave unit, allowing control from 2 set locations. Each of our Eclique2 dimmers can also be controlled from anywhere in the home if you use the Eclique 2 Light Scene Remote Control.

Each switch comes with everything required to retrofit them into your existing back boxes.

Seamless Dimming Of LEDs

The gang on this switch has a 100W maximum load and has the option to dim up to 10 individual lamps. Specifically designed for use with LEDs, the maximum load will be struggle to reach.

The switch also features trailing edge dimming technology, meaning you can dim your lights in a more attractive fashion.

Each switch can be remote controlled, like mentioned earlier. This means that there is still a small current running through the switch when powered off. Being susceptible to voltage, LEDs pick up this current and remain ever so slightly lit.

This small level of illumination is not something that effects all dimmable LEDs however. With our range of dimmable GU10s not being effected with the exception of our 7W COB.

One range of LED light bulbs that do suffer from this slight glow is the one featuring OMNI-LED Technology. If you like the look of our OMNI-LED Range or even the spellbindingly close replication that the 7W COB creates there is one simple solution!

The glowing can easily be averted with an ingenious piece of equipment from Varilight; The GlowFix Module! Consuming an almost undetectable 1W, it completely negates any glow effect your bulbs get.

Nullify The Chance Of Any Failures Leaving You Empty Handed

With a whole range of new technology coming out in a host of different fields you may find that you have found something different or you no longer want the product. If this applies to you, it's not a problem, just let us know and as long as you are within 28 days of your order, arrange a return into us and we'll sort the rest!

Varilight's quality of products is taken very seriously by them and in doing so guarantee each V-Pro Classic Eclique 2 1-Gang Master Dimmer / Slave Unit for a whole 12 months.

If you'd like any more information on the range of dimmers / slave units by Varilight then give us a call on 0116 321 4120 or send an e-mail to and we'll gladly answer any questions you have.