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220V - 250V
Maximum Load
Touch Control
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Specification Table

Touch Control
Width (mm):
Height (mm):
Depth (mm):
Maximum Load:
1 Year
Input Voltage:
220V - 250V

Varilight V-Pro Classic Eclique2 2-Gang Master Dimmer / Slave Unit Description

Bring the newest and smoothest dimming technology into your home with the V-Pro Classic Eclique2 2-Gang Master Dimmer / Slave Unit. Designed and manufactured by Varilight, one of the world's leading manufacturers, it delivers great dimming time after time.

Even though the dimming is incredibly smooth and efficient the look of a traditional dimmer switch is not lost. This is down to the range of finishes available in the switch. With 8 different, traditional finishes available for you to chose from, the possibilities are seemingly endless. These finishes are:

  • Mirror Chrome;
  • Matt Chrome;
  • Satin Chrome;
  • Iridium Black;
  • Pewter;
  • Graphite;
  • Brushed Brass;
  • Georgian Brass;

All of the finishes listed above are available in more than just this 2-gang switch, with other dimmer switches available to use across your whole home. They are available in 1-Gang, 3-Gang and 4-Gang alongside this 2-gang switch to help you install switches anywhere around your home.

This means you can keep your house looking the same from room to room or even give each room its own personal look.

The selection of touch dimmer switches that are available don't stop with the Classic Eclique2 Switches though. This same dimming technology is available in three other styles that differ from the classic; Screwless, Lily and Ultra Flat.

With such a variety available, it is important to know the difference between the four. Firstly, the Screwless look exactly as you'd expect. Similar to the Classic but with the screws that are used for mounting are hidden behind the faceplate.

The other two ranges are more like the Classic in the regard of the visibility of the screws. For example, the Ultra Flat is pretty self explanatory, but just how flat is it? Well when the faceplate sits on the wall it protrudes an almost unnoticeable 1mm!

For the more abstract and modern designs we have the Lily design of switches. Featuring visible screws like the Ultra Flat and Classic models, the Lily comes with something a bit different. Unlike the traditional finishes you find with most dimmers, the Lily range feature finishes such as Pillar Box Red and even Rose Pink!

You can also control this 2 gang switch from anywhere in the room and even other rooms! With a Master OR Slave units available for purchase you can set two different, static locations for you to dim from. Not only this, but each of these dimmers can be controlled remotely.

With use of the Eclique2 Light Scene Remote, Varilights own remote for controlling the switches, you can now dim your lights from your seat.

If this modern design or technology is not something you are too keen on then don't worry, there is also a variety of rotary dimmers available for a completely traditional feel.

Effortless And Seamless Dimming Of Your LEDs

Both of the gangs that are on this switch come with a maximum load of 100W alongside the functionality of being able to dim up to 10 individual lamps at any given time. As they are mainly designed for use with LEDs, you'll find meeting the maximum load harder than the bulb limit.

The specialist design for LEDs then means that each gang again features Trailing Edge dimming, which is the brains behind the smooth dimming effect.

Being able to be controlled by a remote control makes the switch difficult to turn off. This is due to the small current that passes through the switch to help it receive signals from the remote. Whilst present in all switches, the sensitivity to voltage that LEDs possess means that they are then illuminated.

Whilst the glow amongst the bulbs isn't in every single LED, it is in a select few. For example, our whole range of dimmable GU10 LED spotlights don't feature this issue, other than the 7W COB. But on the other hand, the range of LED light bulbs we sell that feature OMNI-LED Technology suffer from this.

If the selection of OMNI-LED bulbs is something that piques your interest thanks to their retro styling or the 7W COBs unparalleled similarity to a halogen spotlight is something you wish to install then don't worry, there is a fix to this glowing problem.

Directly developed from Varilight, the GlowFix Module removes this glow whilst consuming a paltry 1W of power.

When you're looking for dimmable LED spotlights and LED bulbs is always worth keeping your eyes open!

Restrict Any Problems From Failures

You may not like the specific switch you've got due to its finish or design. If you do come across this, don't worry, we've got you covered. Just let us know within 28 days of ordering and we can arrange a return for you.

Like all products in the selection offered by Varilight, the V-Pro Classic Eclique2 2-Gang Master Dimmer / Slave Unit features a 1 year manufactures warranty.

Every order you place over the value of £40 can also be shipped to you, free of charge!

If you'd like any more information on this, or any other Varilight switches we have available then feel free to get in touch with us by calling 0116 321 4120 or by sending an e-mail to