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Varilight V-Pro Classic Eclique2 3-Gang Master Dimmer / Slave Unit Description

If you’ve been thinking of replacing your boring old switches with something altogether more sophisticated and up-to-date, then this V-Pro Classice Eclique2 3-Gang Master Dimmer / Slave Unit by Varilight should be right up your street!

Available in 8 stylish finishes, you’ll be spoilt for choice between Georgian and polished brass, graphite, iridium black, pewter and matte, mirror and satin chrome, and should definitely find one that’ll perfectly complement your decor.

The touch control feature adds to their allure and contributes hugely to their gorgeous look, as well as their feeling of sophistication. The switches themselves discreetly encapsulate the integrated IR (Infra-Red) sensor, which enables you to manage them with a compatible Eclique2 Light Scene Remote Control unit.

This clever little remote control will control up to 4 trailing edge dimmers independently, meaning that you’ll be able to adjust the brightness of each light separately, thereby not only affecting the intensity of your light, but also the total ambience of the room.

It will also store up to four lighting combinations, so you can recapture a mood instantly.

Some Great Choices!

These great 3 gang dimmer switches aren’t all style over substance either, as they’re available in either a master dimmer switch OR slave unit, depending upon your requirements. This adds versatility to their long list of attributes, and allows you greater flexibility.

If this particular style of 3 gang switch isn’t for you, or you just need a different number of switches, it’ll be well worth checking out our wider range of Varilght V-Pro LED Switches as there are many on offer.

Yes, we have 1-gang, 2-gang and 4-gang varieties that will suit the dimensions and lighting requirements of your room down to the ground!

Each individual switch has a maximum load of 100W, so that’ll be more than enough capacity to handle our entire range of dimmable LED bulbs.

Plus, Varilight’s innovative ‘soft start’ system will ensure the voltage is applied gradually to the LED bulbs, ensuring their famous longevity!

Simple to install, they’re of standard size so they’ll perfectly fit into the space vacated by your current switches, and retrofit into your existing wiring just fine.

Super Savings!

As if all of this weren’t already more than enough, they’ll also qualify you for completely free-of-charge shipping and handling.

Keep your eye on our frequently updated discount promotional codes too, as they’re set to give you between 10 and 20% off certain selected items.

You may also wish to create an online account and become a trade customer. This will allow you unlimited access to our incredibly low wholesale prices!

A Full 28-Days To Decide

When you buy online, there’s always a chance you’ll receive an item that’s not quite what you expect it to be. If this should occur with one of our 3 gang switches, just get in touch and, as long as it’s within 14 days of the date of purchase, we’ll ask you to return it and offer you a replacement product or a full refund.

Please bear in mind that as we have to order this item especially for you, you’ll be liable to pay a 15% fee in the event of a return, so it’s always best policy to be sure it’s the one for you before you complete the purchase process.

When you purchase this Varilight V-Pro Classic Eclique2 3-Gang Master Dimmer / Slave Unit, you’ll be fully protected for a period of 12 months by the manufacturer’s guarantee.

Get In Touch!

We have a super team of friendly and professional customer service advisors on hand to answer any questions you may have about this 3 gang dimmer switch or any of our LED lighting products.

They’re here between 9am and 5.30pm Monday to Friday and from 9am till 2pm on Saturdays.

They can be reached on 0116 321 4120, or you may prefer to send an e-mail enquiry to