Cutting LED Strip Lights With A ScissorLED strip lights must surely be one of the most flexible and versatile forms of lighting available, and that’s not just because they’re bendy!

They can also be cut to length. In fact, the level to which the length of LED strip lights can be customised means they’re guaranteed to meet the requirements of your installation, no matter how large or small it might be.

Simple To Achieve

But, you may think, this is an electrical device, so it must be fairly tricky, not to mention dangerous to cut?  Not at all, in fact, any misgivings you might have can be dispelled with just one sentence:

“If you can cut a piece of paper, you can cut an LED strip light!”

That’s right, it really is that simple! If your installation is quite small, you’ll just snip the LED strip light with nothing more complicated than a pair of household scissors, at one of the designated places along its length. These are marked at 2.5cm, 5cm or 10cm intervals, depending on the type of strip light you’ve purchased.

Cutting Points

LED strips should only ever be cut at their designated cutting points. Look for a straight line with silver solder points either side. Cutting the strip lights anywhere else may result in damage to its components.

Due to their clever design, LED strip lights will continue to function perfectly even after they have been cut. This is because their circuit is completely closed at each cutting point.

If you wish to remove a section from the end of your strip light, make sure you are cutting away from the end with the connector, otherwise you’ll end up with a really long strip with no connector!

LED Strip Light Connectors

To adjoin two lengths of LED strip lights together, you’ll either need to do some soldering or use solderless connectors.

Solderless LED strip light connectors are by far the easiest option, enabling you to simply insert the end of your strip light into either side of the connector, ensuring that the metal contacts meet with the solder points, and clip them securely into place.

Bespoke Cutting And Soldering Service

Of course, you don't need to do any cutting at all. If you know the specific lengths of LED strip light you require, you can just tell us and we’ll do all the work for you.

Yes, Wholesale LED Lights is the only UK LED lighting company to offer its customers a completely free-of-charge, bespoke cutting and soldering service, so call today on 0116 321 4120 and ask to speak with a member of our customer service department.

You can also request a number of free cuts when you’re buying your LED strip lights on our website.

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