Wiring Diagram - How To Wire A DMX System With RGB Colour LED Strip Lights

RGB strip lights are really cool pieces of kit – they’re even better when used with a DMX controller, giving you effects and lights that are simply not possible with normal controllers.

Wiring might be daunting for some, but our guide will help you put together a simple DMX system using RGB colour changing LED tape.

To begin with, you’ll need the following:

Our DMX Wall Plate is designed to offer customers a simple and easy solution for putting DMX controlled RGB Strip Lights in their home or business. The wall plate communicates with the LED strip lights via the DMX Decoder.

Insert the red, green, blue and black wires on your RGB strip lights into the decoder and connect this back to the DMX Wall Plate using a CAT5 or CAT5e data cable. This is the same cable your computer uses to connect to the Internet.

The wall plate features three dials, controlling parameters such as colour, brightness and programme. In addition to this, the wall plate has a built-in microphone, so that your lights can synchronise with your music.

The number of decoders and drivers you require depends on the overall length and wattage of the RGB tape that you plan to run. Each decoder has a maximum wattage of 180W and can cope with 12.5m of our 60 LED 5050 RGB Colour LED Strip Lights.

If you exceed this length, you’ll need an additional DMX Decoder. Each decoder will then need its own LED Driver. Using this method, you can easily ‘daisy chain’ multiple DMX decoders together using a CAT5 cable and the two data ports on the unit.

The DMX setup described above is probably one of the simplest methods, and is quite straightforward to install. If you need any further guidance, our team is here to help – just give us a call on 0116 321 4120, or email us at cs@wled.co.uk.

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