Top 10 Reasons to Use LED Lighting Solutions

Are you still using halogen downlights in your home? Why not replace those bulbs with the efficient and energy-saving LED lights?

Most folks are behind at the very thought of exclusively using LED bulbs in their homes, primarily because they are far more expensive than conventional lights. But if you only have a look at all the benefits that you may get from using them, then will surely change the way that you think about them.

1. Longer lifespan than conventional bulbs

Imagine not being worried of purchasing a replacement bulb for 20 - 22 years! Additionally, they don't just burn up and go wrong like conventional bulbs, but rather slowly dim out after some time.

Also unlike traditional bulbs, LED lights will never get dim when turned on and off continually. This implies that there is no delay when you start an LED bulb.

2. They're energy-efficient

How so? They have a power efficiency of 80 - 90% when compared to traditional bulbs, which typically operates in about 20% electricity efficiency.

So when you start an LED bulb, you're using little energy to light up a place with a high quality light emission. Minimizing your time consumption also brings down your electricity bill every month.

3. They're clearly cheaper on a long run

The cost of these bulbs is becoming smaller day by day and because of their longer lifespan and less power consumption they're overall cheaper on a long run with up to 50% than older light bulbs.

The life of these bulbs helps you to not only make their money back, but additionally start saving cash when the electricity bills come in.

4. Characterised by down and dirty durability

They're shock resistant, and may also withstand external impacts in the roughest conditions. They could handle the best winds, harshest rains, and the coldest/hottest temperatures because of their sturdy composition. This makes them ideal for parking lots, streets, construction sites, or even your personal backyard.

5. Use them because they're eco-friendly

To begin with, these lights don't have any toxic chemicals, whereas conventional bulbs contain extremely harmful substances such as for instance Mercury. They're also 100% recyclable!

This sort of lighting also makes little infrared light and minimal UV emissions. This is incredibly important to bear in mind when dealing with environments that are sensitive to heat such as museums, hospital wards, greenhouses, galleries, etc.

6. They just fit in because of their overall flexibility

LEDs could be made into almost any shape, emit almost any color light, and could be incorporated into almost any environment or room type. They have the capacity to produce concentrated beams of light in specified frequencies connected with light.

LED lights may also be made to emit certain elements of the light array that activate certain photoreceptors in crops. This is important when growing any type of plant indoors. And finally, they are made to work even with low-voltage.

7. Easy to set up as 1, 2, 3

They're simple to set up and naturally use the present fixtures throughout the entire home. Additionally, you will find dimmable lights available on the market that still operate with almost any pre-installed dimmer setup already in your house. So, no installation assistance required!

8. They require minimal maintenance

These light bulbs are rated to last 40, 000 to up 50, 000 hours along with the potential to offer a lifetime that runs up to 50 times longer compared to the short life of the incandescent bulbs.

After the original installation, there's no need to be worried about maintenance costs or purchase substitution bulbs. Also, the bulbs are made to operate at a low voltage, and this means almost no heat is generated and they're safe to touch. The low heat characteristic represents a major benefit for those wishing to install lights at low levels.

9. They're small and versatile, suitable for almost every room type

They can be found in a lot of different shapes and sizes making it simpler to highlight a specific section of the home, from bathroom to kitchen and bedroom. Additionally, they offer the choice to set up lights in a place of the home that wouldn't normally accept the standard bulbs.

10. Last but not least, they're waterproof

LED lights come with a waterproof feature coating for extra safety. This is especially useful in cases where one needs to place the light close to a cooking area or near sinks.