With a whole new range of children’s fittings, we are guaranteed to have the perfect fixture for your child’s room. Our lights have style yet plenty of substance; LEDs are a wise pick for a little one as they have so many safe advantages which make them child-friendly.

The Safety Elements

In general, LEDs are very popular for a number of reasons. If you are going to invest in just one, we recommend getting one for your child’s bedroom or playroom.

Generating little heat, they are less likely to cause any burns if they come into contact with skin – unlike an incandescent. They also do not contain mercury, which is a toxic substance and is harmful to your health. Also, no UV rays are emitted which prevents skin cancer, eyestrain and headaches.

Your minis are free to jump about as LEDs are incredibly robust and are not likely to break and cause any horrible injury. They also do not contain much glass to prevent cuts.

Shop By Colour

By purchasing a simple coloured light, you are allowing yourself savings on updating fittings to your child’s favourite cartoon character multiple times throughout the years. Our lights last 20 years and can stay with you until your baby comes home to the day they go to university.

Our blue fittings are simple and a monochromatic look is very popular in a modern zeitgeist. The colour is also very calming and a great addition to the room to assist in restraints against bedtime. The Fabella Blue LED Pendant Light is a beautiful rounded fitting and hangs at 1100mm to give ample light into the room.

Wall lights are a good option for additional light; use them over the changing table, a bookshelf or by the bed as a nightlight.

Add a splash of pink with our Viki Pink Flower LED Wall Light. With two shades of pink and little floral details, this wall light is perfect for a botanic look and is a timelessly adorable addition to any room.

For those little colourful rascals, feed their wild personality with a multi-coloured fitting! The Sparino Birds Childrens LED Wall Light is a good option. With a 5 year warranty, you are protected and we can help you if you come into any problems.

Shop By Animal

We have a number of different animals adorning our fittings. These are fabulous for a child’s space as they can see friendly faces as they play. It is also stated that, unlike adults, young people value animals, learn how to nurture and love through them.

The Quixi Frog Childrens LED Ceiling Light depicts our hopping friend, smiling down at your child. Taking just one E27 bulb, you can select the colour temperature and if the bulb is dimmable or not. For a bedroom, we suggest using a warm white and a dimmable option. For a playroom, a cool white is a better option.

Make doing homework fun by adding the Fu Pan Childrens LED Table Light to your little one’s desk. This little 190mm high table light is visibly cute and stands on a 150mm diameter circle base which leaves room for little bits of stationary.

Over To You

It’s your turn to light up your little one’s bedroom or play area. Steal our suggestions or let your imagination go wild. Either way, we’d like to see so make sure you send a picture to our social media via FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

If you want to ask a member of our team for any advice, you can give us a call on 0116 321 4120 or email us at cs@wled.co.uk. We are always on-hand to help.