If the living room is the heart of the home, then the dining room is the stomach. Being the meeting place for cutting birthday cakes, Christmas dinners and romantic meals in, it is only right the dining area is lit appropriately.

Here we have a few expert ideas on how to dress your space with LEDs.

LED Your Own Way

Many of our lights give you the added benefit of being dimmable. Before trailing edge dimmers came along, you couldn’t dim LEDs as the standard (leading edge) dimmers were not compatible. The introduction of trailing edge gave way to dimming LEDs as they are more sophisticated, have a low minimum load and capacitive loads.

Dimming lights in the dining room give you a chance to create various moods; bright and light for a family meal or dim for a meal once the kids are asleep.

You can also create an ambience with colour temperature. A warm white (3000K) will be a better choice for a dining room as it has a yellow undertone and therefore is far more relaxing.

Customising your LEDs can give you scope to match your lighting to your style.

Rockin’ Retro

Retro is back in style and we are here for it. With old-fashioned fittings being the new black, we have so many to choose from.

Give your diners a blast from the past with one of our beautiful Steampunk fittings. They have a bulkier look than that of a classic dining room light but will bring your room into the 21st century with some out-of-the-box creativity.

Looking quite historic, our Steampunk lights are modern in presentation. The Luiggi Steampunk 6 Way Satin Black 3 Tier Ceiling Light gives the impression of a chandelier with an industrial finish. This funky ceiling light should be paired with our E27 filament bulbs for a perfect nostalgic feel.

Steal the Spotlight

Put a spotlight on your gourmet meals or cheeky takeaways. The beauty of spotlights is that you can be as subtle or dominating as you wish. We have a variety of styles and finishes to choose from. A lot of fittings can also be titled and rotated so you can choose what and where is highlighted.

To add a chic look to your dining room, opt for spotlights. The 6 Way Rectangular Plate LED Spotlight Fitting has a sleek rectangular base and 6 bright spotlights which can be turned any way you’d like.

Classy with Chandeliers

Have your lighting ooze opulence over your room with a chandelier. Dating back to royal banquets, these rich-looking fittings are perfect to illuminate your dining room. Using an LED fitting will also eliminate candle wax dripping down onto your table and will keep shining for 20 years!

The 5 Way Chandelier LED Ceiling Light is a glamorous option with a range of finishes and, like plenty of our other products, just needs to be plugged into your 240v mains input.

Funky Finale

Put the finishing touches into your room with a table lamp. The warm white light may be great for general lighting but you can accent with cool white (6000K) to bring more attention to the table. To help you out, many lamps on our website are available in different colours to match your existing interior design and dining table.

Avoid the worry and possible incidents that come with candles and opt for an electric one! The Hammond Black Round Base Candle Stick Table Lamp just needs a B22 bulb and you can have an almost-immortal candle on your dining table.

It’s Your Turn!

It’s now up to you how you choose to light up your dining room. You can take some of our ideas or go completely your own way. Either way, we’d like to see so make sure you send a picture to our social media via Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

If you want to ask a member of our team for any advice, you can give us a call on 0116 321 4120 or email us at cs@wled.co.uk.