When it comes to illuminating your work space, it makes sense to make it as efficient and effective as possible. Whether it be in a corporate or home environment, we have all the office lighting solutions you could possibly need.

What many employers don’t realise when it comes to setting up their offices is how important having the correct lighting truly is. There are many key elements to consider in order to boost productivity levels, lower overhead costs, and to keep up with your corporate image.

How Does Lighting Affect Productivity?

The way an office is set out, and also illuminated, has substantial impacts on performance levels at work. Even in a home office, correctly lighting the workspace will significantly improve your concentration levels, helping you to get more out of your day!

Switching to LEDs is the best option for this – for two reasons. Firstly, they run on a DC instead of an AC, eradicating the flickering that is difficult for the human eye to perceive. This is why traditional lighting has been known to exacerbate headaches and migraines, and also be at fault for common ailments such as eyestrain. Over time, this can demotivate staff, causing employers to spend more should they require time off from these issues.

On top of this, LEDs also have a high CRI, essentially meaning that they closely replicate natural light. This allows them to boast a range of colour temperatures, from warm white (3000K) all the way to cool white (6000K). Typically used in offices is cool white (6000K) as it is more of a clean and clinical looking light - which will stimulate the ipRGC receptors in your eyes. In turn, this will give everyone a boost in energy to maximise their capabilities.

Cost-Effective Alternative

Keeping your costs to a minimum is essential for any business to be successful in the long run. Even if you work from home, it’s best to keep those energy bills down!

LEDs, in fact, can save you anywhere up to 90% on your lighting bills, dramatically reducing your annual costs. Due to having such a low power consumption, it will give you a greener workspace, and will reduce your carbon footprint as a result.

Eventually, the savings you make from making the switch to LEDs will leave you with a larger budget to spend elsewhere!

Types of Lighting

Office lighting tends to be fairly different compared to how you would illuminate your home for example. This is because it has more of a commercial and discreet appearance. Many offices opt for panel lights like our NXTGen 600x600 40W LED Panel Light.

Using 3400 lumens of light, it is perfect for illuminating large spaces, and uses a minor 40W of power to do so. This is approximately 10 X lower than the halogen equivalent!

There are also other options including Batten Lights and Tube Lights depending on your wants and needs for the space you’re brightening. Batten lighting, for example, is a retrofit fixture that has a wide light distribution to ergonomically brighten the area.

Home offices, on the other hand, don’t tend to use commercial fittings, in fact, we simply recommend implementing cool white bulbs. We even have suitable desk lamps to aid your work. They have adjustable necks allowing you to direct the light, and in some cases, clips that fit directly onto your desk.

If You Need Anything Else…

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