Want to improve safety around your home or business? Discover how LEDs are a great and simple upgrade that will keep you, your family or your employees as safe as possible, while also keeping your costs low!

General LED Perks

The efficiency of LEDs ensures they’re incredibly bright without needing lots of power to function. That means you can keep any space well-lit without spiking your bills. LEDs don’t get nearly as hot as other lights, so they’re also a lot safer to be around.

LEDs also turn on really quickly, with minimal warm up time required. This means they combine brilliantly with PIR motion sensors, activating as soon as they detect movement. That lets you combine a fantastic energy saving tool without risk.

This is in addition to all the typical benefits of LED lighting, such as improved lifespans and general energy efficiency.

Protecting Your Home

There are two main safety-focused reasons that people use LED lights in their gardens, the first is security lighting, the second is to provide practical illumination to walkways, reducing the risk of tripping.

Our range of LED security lights are perfect for use in domestic properties, with many of them combining a range of extra features to maximise security, including cameras and microphones. Using LED lights in this way can enhance the quality of any security videos produced, while creating bright enough lighting to penetrate even the darkest corners of your space.

The Elara Outdoor LED Wall Light With PIR Motion Sensor and Camera is a great option for placement by your porch, giving you total peace of mind.

For lighting walkways, our range of post lights is a great option, with many stylish options available to combine practical lighting with a distinctive appearance, such as the Dropa Grey RGB Outdoor LED Bollard Light

Protecting Your Business

For commercial properties, LEDs are incredibly useful tool for keeping your workers safe thanks to their efficiency and brightness.

LEDs can be equipped with emergency batteries, such as the Integral Slimline 1584LM 18W 4000K Non-Dimmable Emergency And Microwave Sensor Ceiling Light, which means they can provide you with additional lighting in the event of a power cut- typically around three hours.

LEDs are also a great choice for busy work sites, with their reduced heat waste making them much safer to move around. They also can provide wider beam angles, for a wider spread of coverage. The 30W LED Standard Globe Light is a great example of this kind of lighting in action!

As an added bonus, LEDs are known to boost productivity, and can really aid with focus. This makes them a great choice for a range of commercial locations, including offices, kitchens and warehouses.

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