Spring is on the way, but there are still a lot of gloomy grey days to get through before the brighter days arrive. Here’s how LEDs can help keep you and your home feeling perky and energised.

We’ve found three distinct ways that an LED bulb can help! Read on and discover them for yourself.

Help Your Plants!

Plants are a popular way of making a home feel more natural and airier. But winter lighting in homes can lead to unhappy, stunted plants. That’s where an LED lighting setup can really help!

Regular LED lights won’t cause your plants to grow much, but they’re great at supplementing natural lighting to help keep your plants happy and healthy. If you’d like to encourage growth, you’ll want to specifically source LED grow lamps, but regular lamps are usually sufficient to help most indoor lights.

This can really help keep your room feeling and looking fresh and green, which can help lighten the mood a lot!

Brighter Lighting

LEDs are incredibly efficient, requiring only a tiny amount of power relative to the number of lumens they produce. In addition to making them a lot cheaper to run, this also means they can be a lot brighter compared to older lights.

A 6-watt LED will produce an equivalent number of lumens as a 60-watt LED, which ensures you get plenty of bright light at a much lower cost. Well-lit rooms are great for boosting your mood, and can actually improve performance at academic or workplace tasks. This can really help push you through stressful study periods, and keep your morale up during long days working from home!

For a typical room being used for general office work, 500 lumens per m2 is a good benchmark. Brighter rooms are better for more detail-oriented work.

Our range of desk lamps are a great way for finding indoor lights that are ideal for office use, with the Monda Black Adjustable Table Lamp being a particularly popular option. This helps keep the rooms that you’ll find yourself spending most of your time in feeling super bright and helping you stay cheerful! They can all easily be combined with LED bulbs with no fuss.

Understanding Colour Temperature

One of the causes of a gloomy mood during winter months is a lack of natural light. This is another area where using LED bulbs can really help you out! LEDs are available in a range of different colour temperatures, but crucial for this point is the daylight colour temperature, which typically falls between 4000k-5000k.

This lighting has very neutral undertones, unlike warm white lights which are yellowish, and cool white which has undertones of blue. These latter two colours can feel a little artificial, which can make you feel more withdrawn. A daylight colour temperature keeps mimicking natural lighting, helping you feel more relaxed.

The NXTGen 600x600 40W LED Panel Light is a great option for commercial office spaces, with daylight colour temperatures available!

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