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2 Years

9W LED 2D Light - 830 Lumens Description

This 9W LED 2D light has been designed and manufactured by Mirrorstone™ to be a direct replacement for a conventional 2D fluorescent bulb.

It’s primarily intended for commercial lighting applications, such as corridors, hallways and stairwells, although you’re free to locate it wherever you see fit, or wherever the need arises.

It will retrofit into your existing fittings and it’s available in both 2 and 4-pin connection types, so you’ll have no problems whatsoever with installation.

This superb 2D light is available in two colour temperatures, so you might choose the cool white (6000K) option for more utilitarian places, possibly in public areas. The mellower warm white (3000K) is used, more often than not, in the more convivial, hospitable surroundings of people’s living rooms.

Should you require more powerful illumination, we also have these 2D lights in 12W - 1230 Lumens and 18W – 1787 Lumens versions.

What’s more, we stock bulkhead light fittings, such as the 12W LED Bulkhead Light Acrylic, which produces 1,440 Lumens.

Join The Big Switch!

Lots of people are beginning to experience the many benefits of switching to LED lighting from their current fluorescent light source.

For one, LED bulbs and lights are much more energy-efficient, producing the same Lumens of brilliance as their power-thirsty fluorescent cousins, but for a fraction of the electricity. This constitutes a considerable saving in financial terms, for you.

Another direct saving is brought about by their relative longevity. For example, this 2D LED light will go on working for an incredible 30,000 hours, in comparison to a similarly bright fluorescent bulb, with which you’ll be lucky to attain even half that lifespan!

One of the reasons behind this phenomenal durability is that LEDs don’t produce anywhere near the same amount of heat as fluorescents. In terms of lighting, heat is a waste product, serving no purpose, incurring cost and contributing hugely to the demise of a bulb.

LED bulbs also represent a much ‘greener’ and environmentally sound choice as, unlike fluorescents, they don’t use toxic Mercury vapour to create their light. And LED light is infinitely less harmful to your health than the UV rays that fluorescents emit.

Another plus point to LED bulbs over their old-fashioned contemporaries is the fact that they have the ability to be recycled at the end of their lives. Most fluorescent bulbs aren’t recyclable and invariably end up on rubbish tips or as landfill, and we have more than enough of those already, don’t we?

Savings Ahoy!

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Returns And No Quibbles!

Once in a while, a customer receives an item with which they’re not entirely happy. This needn’t make you worry, as we have a no-questions-asked return policy on all our LED lighting products. Yes, as long as you contact us within 14 days of your purchase, we’ll be happy to replace it or issue a refund.

This 2D LED light 9W - 830 Lumens comes complete with a 2-year manufacturer’s guarantee.

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