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MR16 Downlight Fittings

  • MR16 Fire Rated
  • MR16 IP65 Fire Rated

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Set Descending Direction

11 Item(s)

A range of MR16 downlights, standard and fire rated, perfect for updating your old, tired lighting system. Compatible with our entire range of MR16 LED spotlights. Available in four finishes - white, chrome, satin and brass - and fixed and tilt options. Our fire rated MR16 downlights are rated for 90 minutes in the event of a fire and are suitable for all new build projects and extensions.

What are MR16 downlights?

MR16 downlights are a type of light fitting that take an MR16 bulb and shine their light in a predominantly downward direction. The benefit of this type of light fitting is that they are designed to recess into your ceiling and sit flush with the ceiling. The result is a very subtle lighting system and increased ambience.

MR16 downlights are very popular in new builds and add a very modern appearance to the home. MR16 downlights are low voltage and it is necessary to purchase an LED Driver in addition to the fitting. A couple of things to mention - as these are low voltage units they cannot be connected to the mains power supply directly. Doing so will damage the bulb. Also, if you are buying MR16 LED Bulbs, make sure the transformer is compatible.

A quick word about transformers. Many electrical goods operate at a much lower voltage than the mains supply in your home (240V AC). The technical term for these goods is low voltage. Low voltage lighting is no exception. Low voltage lighting typically works at 12V DC. The transformer is designed to take the incoming mains supply and convert (or transform) it to 12V DC. Low voltage LED Lighting requires a very specific type of transformer called a driver. Knowing the difference is all that important, but it is important to know that they aren't interchangeable. LED Lighting will not work on a standard transformer.

Considerations when buying MR16 Downlights

Our MR16 Downlights are available in 4 finishes: white, chrome, satin and brass. Satin is by far the most popular option with our customers. The best way to describe satin is as a non-reflective chrome. This finish complements most interiors.

You also have the option of fixed and tilt downlights. Our tilt option is particularly popular with customers as it allows them to angle their bulbs and control the position of the light creating feature lighting effects.

When purchasing any downlight it is important to consider their fire rating. Fire rated fittings are a legal requirement in new build homes and extensions. They are designed to stop the spread of fire as when you install downlights you are cutting holes into your ceiling and creating an opening which fire can pass through.

Mirrorstone MR16 Downlights

When buying any type of light fitting it is important to consider the manufacturer. There are many manufacturers of LED Lighting on the market right now and it can be difficult to differentiate between the good and the bad. Fortunately, Mirrorstone Lighting Ltd falls into the former camp. With over 10 years experience manufacturing LED lighting, Mirrorstone have developed a stringent manufacturing process that ensures all their products are made to the highest possible standard and will work for their entire guaranteed life, and beyond. Needless to say, Wholesale LED Lights is proud to be a stockist of Mirrorstone products.

For more information about our range of MR16 downlights and Mirrorstone Lighting products in general, please contact our customer service team.