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RGB Coloured GU10 LED Bulbs


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Bright, colourful and lively, these RGB Coloured GU10 LED Bulbs from Mirrorstone are as much about fun as they are about function and will be the perfect lighting solution for a child’s bedroom, a bar or a games room.

These RGB (Red, Green, Blue) GU10 LEDs are supplied together with a free IR (Infrared) remote controller with which you’ll be able to achieve all manner of dazzling lighting effects to make your party go with a bang.

That’s right, by simply touching a button on the remote you’ll be able to change the colour of these bulbs to produce up to 16 different hues and several great lighting effects including strobe, flash, fade and smooth.

These bulbs have a fairly focused beam angle of 45° to 60° so your colour-changing light will be concentrated in the area you require it, and they’ll simply retrofit directly into any GU10 light fitting with no problem at all.

As part of this selection, we also stock a GU10 Cap Converter/Adaptor which will enable you to change your light’s fitting to either an E27 or an E14.

Apart from RGB we also stock a wider range of GU10 LED bulbs which are dimmable or non-dimmable.

Energy And Money-Saving

Unbelievably cost-effective, these GU10s will generate the equivalent number of lumens to halogen bulbs that consume 10 x the energy. Thus, our bestselling 3 Watt model produces the same number as a 30 Watt halogen and the 5 Watt LED is the equivalent of a 50 Watt conventional bulb.

They also last a lot longer than their halogen counterparts, having a life-expectancy that’s in excess of 50,000 hours. This means that they’ll still be kicking out the lumens in around 17 years’ time and that’s if they’re lit for 8 hours every day!

These features are common to all LED bulbs and will save you a great deal of money when you switch over from halogen light sources, but you’ll also save between 10 and 20% on all these products when you apply our latest promotional code to your shopping cart.

Every pound you spend has the potential to save you up to 10% on a future purchase thanks to our reward points scheme, and any order that’s valued at £40.00 or more will be shipped free-of-charge.

Our No-Hassle Returns And Warranty Policies

When you purchase one of our LED lighting products, you’ll have 14-days to cancel it if it doesn’t quite meet all your requirements. Just contact us, arrange to return your item in its original packaging and we’ll off you a replacement or a refund.

These RGB Coloured GU10 LED Bulbs come complete with  a 2-year warranty which can be extended to 5-years, free-of-charge when you complete the appropriate form within 90 days of your purchase.

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