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Strip Light Kits

Strip Light Kits

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There are 37 items in this category

37 Items

  1. 1m RGB LED Pixel Tape Kit
  2. 2m RGB LED Pixel Tape Kit
  3. 3m RGB LED Pixel Tape Kit
  4. 4m RGB LED Pixel Tape Kit
  5. 5m RGB LED Pixel Tape Kit
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There are 37 items in this category

37 Items

Our Performer LED Strip Lights Kits Will Ensure Complete Control of LED Lighting System

We believe in performance and we also believe that as our valued client you have the right to get the best for your investments. Our performer LED strip lights kits can help you get the best results because it is complete with all the accessories and tools you need for the purpose.

Our LED strip lights kits are Portable:
We understand that you need portability for using the kit for different locations where LED strip lights have been installed in your home or office. We have LED strips that are also perfect for tents and lighting them. Our kit includes side emitting and weather proof strips that will stow will the frames. They are easy mounting and come with removable 8 D-Cell battery power supplies. Charging won’t be a major problem as once charged the batteries gain life span of around 150 hours.

Different Types of LED Strips:
We have different types of LED strips that can be used for various purposes. Our products and LED strip lights include –

  • Complete and universal waterproof LED strip lights kits. This can be used on all outdoor locations like walkways, patios, driveways, railings and can also be used indoors.
  • Complete waterproof and universal RGB LED lights strip kits can similarly help both outdoor and indoor lighting with various colour modes.
  • Complete universal waterproof and colour changing RGB LED lights strip kits can help innovative coloured illumination on outdoors as well as indoor locations.
  • Other kits include the plug and play dream coloured LED strip lights and kits and kits for use in motor cycle engines and under cabinets.

Get LED Strips with Difference:
You can get LED strips with difference in our store. All our strips are tested and you can also get the complete LED strip lights kits from us accompanied by complete user guide manual that will help you make easy and convenient use of the products provider.

If you face any problem, a call will bring us to your side immediately.