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LED Controllers

LED Controllers

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There are 32 items in this category

32 Items

  1. LED Single Colour Dimmer
    £21.00 £17.50
  2. 12V LED Dimmer Switch With IR Remote
    £27.29 £22.74
  3. IR Controller With Remote
    £19.21 £16.01
  4. LED Stair Light Controller
    £114.03 £95.03
  5. EasiLight 4 Zone RGB/RGBW Wallplate
    £24.00 £20.00
  6. LED Pixel Tape Controller
    £42.41 £34.99
  7. RGB Amplifier
    £17.11 £14.26
  8. 16 Key LED Pixel Tape Controller
    £50.48 £41.65
  9. 180W PX24500 DMX Decoder (RGB Only)
    £35.27 £29.39
  10. LED 5-24V DC SPI Pixel Controller SC
    £30.25 £25.21
  11. EasiLight 2.4GHz Gateway
    £24.98 £20.81
  12. Easilight PIR Sensor (2.4GHz)
    £18.52 £15.43
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There are 32 items in this category

32 Items


Check out our great range of controllers, compatible with our range of RGB and RGBW LED Tape, and LED Pixel Tape!

What is an RGB controller?

Our controllers work in conjunction with our range of colour changing LED Tape. They install between the tape and power supply and are typically sold as a two part unit: the receiver and remote. The receiver installs onto the circuit while the remote communicates with the receiver via an IR (Infra-red) or RF (Radio Frequency) signal.

Our controllers are fairly intuitive and allow you to set the colour and mode of your LED Tape. You can switch between static colours, such as red, green and blue, or you can choose a sequence so the lights fade from one colour to the next. Our controllers also feature a dim setting so you can adjust the brightness of your LED Tape.

Broadly speaking, controllers are sold in two types: IR or RF. Infra-works requires a direct line-of-sight between the controller and receiver in order to work. Radio frequency is a bit more expensive, but doesn't require line-of-sight. This means you can hide the controller in a wall or ceiling and it will still work.

Deciding on a controller

Choosing a controller really depends on what you want to be able to do. If you are only going to use your lights occasionally you might be happy enough using a simple IR controller and remote. However, if you want more from your lights it might be worth upgrading to one of our RGB Touch controller or even a wall plate for extra finishing touch.

Ultimately one controller isn't necessarily better than another and it is really a case of weighing up the cost versus functionality. If you are unsure speak to our customer service team who will be happy to take you through the available options and advise on the best choice for your installation. And remember, if you receive your controller and would like to exchange it, you have 14 days from the date of receipt in which to do so.