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1-10V Dimmable LED Drivers

1-10V Dimmable LED Drivers

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There are 15 items in this category

15 Items

  1. 25W 1-10V Constant Voltage LED Driver
    £47.75 £34.11
  2. 40W 1-10V Constant Voltage LED Driver
    £47.60 £34.00
  3. 60W 1-10V Constant Voltage LED Driver
    £49.17 £35.12
  4. 200w 0-10v Dimmable Driver - 24v
    £102.42 £84.50
  5. HLG 192W 0-10v Dimmable Driver - 12v
    £88.48 £63.20
  6. HLG 240W 0-10v Dimmable Driver - 24v
    £88.48 £63.20
  7. HLG 264W 0-10v Dimmable Driver - 12v
    £146.72 £104.80
  8. HLG 480W 0-10v Dimmable Driver - 12v
    £312.48 £223.20
  9. HLG 600W 0-10v Dimmable Driver - 24v
    £312.48 £223.20
  10. 16w 1-10v Dimmable Driver
  11. 90w 1-10v Dimmable Driver
    £101.43 £72.45
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There are 15 items in this category

15 Items

Looking to power your dimmable LED lights? You’ve come to the right place!

Our selection of 1-10V Dimmable LED Drivers have everything you need for small setups and much larger installations.

For simple bulb installations, our 25W 1-10V Constant Voltage LED Driver is more than up to the task. The 25W maximum load means you can use multiple LED lights without having to worry about overloading it.

Even better is the IP67 rating – meaning that this driver is submergible in 1m of water for up to 30 minutes, making it ideal for outdoor use!

Conversely, more complex strip light setups will probably require higher loads – and this is where our 180W 0-10V Dimmable LED Driver starts making more sense.

It has a much higher maximum load of 180W, and can be purchased in either 12V or 24V variants.

What Can I Use These Drivers With?

Pretty much any LED light!

As mentioned above, you can power a number of LED light bulbs with these drivers. One of our most popular options is the Dimmable B22 6W OMNI-LED – as it is actually a direct replacement for your old 60W halogen.

Another good option is our Dimmable E14 3W OMNI-LED Bulb. It’ll work great in your desk lamps and chandelier ceiling lights, as it outputs 330 lumens from just 3W of energy.

Please remember that in order to make use of dimmable LEDs, you’ll need a trailing edge dimmer switch. You can find our entire range of LED compatible dimmers here.

These LED drivers also work brilliantly with our strip lights. You can use our 7.2W Single Colour LED Strip for some basic mood lighting, or you can also use our 14.4W RGB Colour Strip Lights for a brighter and more colourful installation.

Apart from these we also sell a wide range of power adapters, waterproof, dimmable and DALI drivers.

Our Customer Guarantees

Should you find that you’re not happy with anything you’ve purchased, we’ll be happy to offer a refund or exchange within 14 days of purchase – all you need to do is call us on 0116 321 4120 or email us at, and ensure that the item is in condition fit for sale with all original parts and packaging.

Please bear in mind that all the drivers in this category are special order items, and are subject to restocking fees of 15% if returned to us.

The warranties range between 2 and 3 years, giving you added protection further down the line.

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