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LED Tape

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Flexible LED Tape with a 3M self-adhesive backing, available in a range of colours and light outputs. Suitable for a wide range of applications including under cabinet lighting, cove lighting and shelf lighting. Don't forget to take advantage of our free cut and solder service. Just send us your measurements and we will prepare your lights before sending them out.

What is LED Tape?

LED Tape is a highly versatile lighting solution with a wide range of applications. As the name suggests, LED Tape is a length of LEDs with a self-adhesive backing. The fact that it has a self-adhesive removes most of the installation hassle associated with older forms of lighting. All you need to do is stick it down. Its compact design also means it will fit into relatively narrow spaces and can be hidden out of site easily. The resulting effect is usually quite subtle, adding an extra layer of light to your room and enhancing look and feel of a space.

LED Tape is also flexible, which means it can be used on contoured services. Basically, LED Tape gets around most, if not all, of the limitations associated with older forms of lighting, like fluorescent tubes. It can be bent, customized and installed quickly and easily without damaging the tape.

Things to Consider

Due to the nature of the product there is a lot to consider when making your purchase. That is why we usually advise our customers to give us a call - our customer service team can take you through your project and advise on exactly what you need

Our LED Tape is available in a wide range of colours. While there is a case for arguing that certain colour work better in certain situations and for certain applications, ultimately the colour you choose will be a matter of taste. Fortunately there are plenty of options to choose from and, hopefully, something for everyone. If you are undecided on one colour you might want to try our RGB colour changing tape. These are supplied with a controller and allow you to change the colour of your tape at the touch of a button.

Being low voltage, LED Tape must be powered via a transformer or LED Driver which converts the mains voltage to 12V DC (or 24V DC depending on the type of tape). LED Drivers aren't interchangeable. For example, running longer lengths of LED Tape requires a bigger driver. Again, the easiest way to find the correct driver is to speak to our customer service team, or you can check out this handy article.

Applications of LED Tape

We have seen LED Tape used for a wide range of applications. Perhaps one of most popular uses for LED Tape is as under cabinet lighting in the kitchen. Due to its design, LED Tape lends itself exceptionally well to this type of lighting. The effect, although subtle, is very effective, offering a functional working light as well as enhancing the look and feel of the kitchen.

Almost as popular are drop ceiling projects. These are created by adding a trough or false ceiling to a room. The lights are inserted into the recess and shine up onto the ceiling creating a wash effect.

LED Tape also lends itself well to deck lighting. Place beneath the lip of the decking on the outer edge the tape shines downwards creating a 'floating' effect.