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12V DC
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5 Years*

RGBW LED Strip Lights (60 x 5050 SMDs, 14.4W p/m, 1020LM) Description

Create the same effect of RGB LED strips and more with Mirrorstone RGBW LED strip lights, with viability in a huge range of domestic and commercial installations as well as a range of design projects.

Like the standard RGB, you can change colours but with the option of a separate white LED. This white LED allows you to have a true white colour that you wouldn't otherwise be able to have with standard RGB tape.

Due to their properties, LED strip lights can be installed in almost any location, from kitchen to bedroom or living rooms. As they are so versatile, they are also self fixing with 3M adhesive. Due to the wide range of surfaces that the LED Strip Lights are stuck to, we unfortunately cannot guarantee the adhesive on all surfaces. The strip can also be cut every 100mm so you can customise the lengths you want, to suit your needs.

The full range of LED tape is applicable to our unique discount codes that are frequently ran. These discount codes can help you make savings of up to 20% on your order before it's even been dispatched.

Please be informed that any and all IP65/67 LED Tape will be supplied to each customer in 5m reels.

For example, if you were to order 7m of tape - it will come to you, ready-soldered, in a reel of 5m with an attached 2m of tape.

Find further information on Strip Lights on our FAQs page.

Cover Your LED Strips From External Water Damage

The versatility of the strip lights allows for installation internally and externally. This versatility means they are available in a range of IP (waterproofing) ratings so they can be installed in a vast range of locations. The available IP Ratings and their general usage is listed in the below table:

IP Rating

General Usage


Protection against water is minimal and it is advised that installation of IP20 strips are indoors , away from any water.


IP65 allows for more protection from water being resistant to splashes and jets of water. IP65 is mainly installed internally in rooms which has a higher risk of contact with water such as bathrooms. IP65 can be installed externally where water does find it difficult to get to.

As the IP65 LED strip lights come with a silicone cover they are only available in max lengths of 5m whereas IP20 is available in maximum lengths of 10m.

Bespoke Cutting Service

As these strip lights can be cut at 100mm intervals they can be made up to custom lengths. Here at Wholesale LED Lights we are aware that not everyone has the means to make up their own lengths of strips, so we offer a cutting and soldering service on all of our LED strip lights.

Like both the 14.4w/m RGB and single colour strip lights you can run up to 7.5m in one uninterrupted length.

All LED Tape is priced per metre. If you purchase any amount of LED strip lights then we will send it out as one full, uninterrupted length e.g. 1 x 3m rather than 3 x 1m.

Bringing The Strips To Life And Setting The Modes

Our RGBW LED strip light runs at 12 volts and require a 12 volt power supply. We have a range of power supplies available for use with RGBW strips such as UK 3-Pin Plug adapters as well as IP67 Rated units.

As RGBW strips have 30 RGB LEDs and 30 White LEDs you can mix varying amount of Red, Green & Blue with the White LED for pastel colours, have just the White LEDs illuminated for general purpose or use just the RGB LEDs. To change the colours you will need to purchase an RGBW controller. Not only does the controller change the colour, you can also choose between 1 of 6 preset modes as well as speed and brightness functions.

The RGBW controller can run up to 13 metres off of a single controller, if you need to run longer than that then there are RGBW amplifiers available to help you run longer lengths.


Despite having the option of controlling the brightness of your light output, you will not need a dimmable LED driver and a standard LED driver will be sufficient.

The power supplies available come in a wide range of maximum loads to help accommodate for a wide range of lengths. In the list below there is a range of notable lengths and the power that use:

1 Metre - 14.4 Watts;

3 metres - 43.2 Watts;

5 metres - 72 Watts;

10 metres - 144 Watts;

15 Metres - 216 Watts.

When running LED strips it is advised that you run 10% under the maximum load of the power supply to maximise the efficiency, life span and to keep the power supply running at a lower temperature.

Providing The Complete Look And Extending The Life

With an estimated lifespan of up to 50,000 hours, LED strips can last for nearly 15 years. This lifespan can undulate depending on a variety of external factors. The table below illustrates the main three conditions that can cause the lifespan to change:

Favourable Conditions

Unfavourable Conditions

A lower air surrounding the LED strips can help preserve the life.

Warmer air around the strips can reduce the life of the strips making premature failure more likely.

IP Ratings are used when only necessary.

Over use of IP Ratings e.g. IP67 rated strips being used indoors.

Surfaces that dissipate heat effectively like aluminium are best to be mounted on.

If the strip is mounted onto a surface that dissipates heat poorly such as MDF then the life can be reduced drastically.

Favourable conditions can make the life of the strip increase by up to 50% to 75,000 hours!

We have a range of aluminium profiles for LED strip lights available that are excellent at dissipating heat. The profiles can also provide a second, more cosmetic, use with the option of having a frosted or clear diffuser fitted with them to fully complete the finish.

As RGBW has a separate White LED it requires 5 cores as oppose 4 core in standard RGBW. Also because of this, you will need a wider profile such as the wide corner aluminium profile.

Any strip lights that are IP65 rated and internally installed without a profile are not applicable to any form of warranty if they fail due to heat issues. Replacements for strip lights that have been mounted without aluminium profiles will be charged at 50% of the retail price when bought with aluminium profiles.

Increase Your Warranty By 3 Years And Advice On Installation

The full range of Mirrorstone Lighting products come with a standard 2 year warranty. This warranty can be extended by 3 years to a 5 year warranty, free of charge. This warranty extension is only applicable on LED tape, LED spotlights & LED light bulbs within the first 90 days of your order.

If you have any questions about the wiring of RGBW strips, the extendable warranty or have any trade enquiries then please feel free to contact us by e-mail at or call our friendly customer service team on 0116 321 4120.