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Mirrorstone LED Accessories

Perhaps one of the most underrated categories in the Mirrorstone range is their LED accessories. However, it would be foolish to overlook this fantastic collection of products including LED Tape accessories, torches and bike lights

LED Torches

The benefit of an LED Torch compared to a traditional torch is two-fold. Firstly, LED Torches are brighter. The beam reaches farther, which is useful during blackouts or when you're out camping. More importantly, the power draw from an LED is much less, which means the battery life, and therefore the life of the torch, is greatly extended. Some LED Torches and camping lights even run on solar cells, so there isn't even any need for a battery

The range of torches manufactured by Mirrorstone are of a high standard and comply with all EU regs for electronic equipment. The Mirrorstone torches range is one of their more recent and, to this date, there has never been a single failure, which confirms Mirrorstone's commitment to quality in all the products

The Cree T6 Focus Torch is easily the most popular torch in this range. So popular in fact that we are frequently out of stock, but don't worry, there is always more stock on its way. As well as being super bright the torch has several modes allowing you to adjust the angle of the beam for further reach. With its ergonomic design, the torch feels comfortable and natural in your grip.

LED Bike Lights

Mirrorstone's range of LED Bike Lights have become incredibly popular in the brief time they have been available on the Wholesale LED Lights website. When it comes to bike lighting quality and reliability are key, particularly as the safety of the cyclist is at stake. Safety while cycling is all about seeing, and being seen, particularly in those dark winter months. Mirrorstone understands this requirement and have made an extra effort during the manufacture of their products to make sure they are of the highest possible standard. By investing in a Mirrorstone LED Bike Light you can ensure that your daily commute to work is performed in complete safety, remaining visible to motorists while on the road.

If you are looking for a suggestion on what bike light to purchase, look no further than the 4pcs Cree T6 LED Bike Light Set. Super bright, this bike light is the optimum choice for cycling enthusiasts.