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Mirrorstone LED Ceiling Lights

LED Ceiling lights describes a large range of lighting that serve a similar function. This category currently covers the following products manufactured by Mirrorstone Lighting Ltd: GU10 Downlights, integrated LED Downlights, LED Panel Lights and LED Spotlight Fittings. The following is a product-by-product look at what distinguishes these products from others on the market and why Mirrorstone is the best choice for LED Lighting.

Why Buy Mirrorstone Lighting Products

First, why buy Mirrorstone Lighting products at all. There are many manufacturers on the LED Lighting market, but none reach such a perfect compromise between quality and value.

When it comes to quality, Mirrorstone cut no corners in ensuring their products meet the legal requirements for retail on the EU market. Rigorous quality control process are put in place to ensure that every product that comes off the production line if manufactured to the highest possible standard.

Currently, Mirrorstone Lighting products are sold in their thousands and reported failure rate of less than 0.5%, which for this type of product is very impressive. When it comes to value, Mirrorstone Lighting products are some of the most reasonably priced considering where they sit in the market.

Bear in mind, there are cheaper products on the market, but we always warn against purchasing LED Lighting too cheaply - if it is cheap, there is usually a reason, and there is usually no guarantee of longevity. All Mirrorstone Lighting products are supported by a 5 year warranty, so you know they will last.

A quick look at Downlights

The Mirrorstone range of GU10 downlights is one the largest currently available, offering a huge choice of finishes and styles. GU10 downlights have become increasingly popular over the years for their streamline appearance.

Perhaps the most important consideration with GU10 downlights is their fire rating. Installing downlights involves cutting holes into the ceiling. Ceilings are an important fire barrier. By cutting holes into your ceiling the fire rating is compromised.

Fire rated downlights feature an intumescent material that expands on contact with heat and seals the hole up to 90 minutes stopping the fire from spreading. All Mirrorstone fire rated products offer 90 minutes protection in case of fire.

Perhaps the biggest point of deliberation for customer purchasing these products is the finish. The Mirrorstone range of downlights is currently available in four main finishes - white, polished chrome, satin chrome and brass. Satin Chrome is by far the most popular, with polished chrome coming a close second.

LED Panel Lights

With their super-modern, streamline appearance LED Panel Lights are quickly becoming the lighting of choice for office spaces and commercial situations, offering better efficiency and longevity compared to older fluorescent lighting models.

And without a doubt, Mirrorstone LED Panel Lights are some of the best in terms of value for money. Firstly you're getting a panel that is guaranteed to last. Secondly, these are some of the most affordable on the market.

LED Panels are designed to work with traditional ceiling grid systems, the two most common sizes being 600x600mm and 1200x600mm, designed to replace an equivalent bank of fluorescent tube lights for a fraction of the energy consumption. The light is bright, but not harsh. The light is supplied by a strip of LEDs around the inside edge of the frame that shine in towards the centre of the panel. A special semi-transparent material diffuses the light evenly providing a soft even light, ideal for large area lighting.

What you will find with inferior quality products is that the light is not as bright and consistent as it should be. With Mirrorstone LED Panels effort has been made to ensure that the highest possible density of LEDs without compromising performance, resulting in an excellent light.

A particularly popular product in this range is the blue edge-lit panel, which is currently available in the 10W, with an option of square and round designs. These look like conventional panels but also have the added feature of a blue LED-it halo, making them a nice feature light for function rooms and venues.

In addition to this we also offer a range of surface mount LED Panels, particularly useful for installation where recessing isn't an option. Again, available in square and round, these panels come in 6W, 12W, 18W and 24W with options of cool and warm white colour temperature.

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LED Spotlight Fittings

In addition to the products above Wholesale LED Lights offers a wide range of LED Spotlight fittings. The quality of these units speaks for itself, with a vast range of styles and finishes on offer. The fitments are all completely standard and will accommodate most, if not all, LED Spotlights regardless of format. Options are many and varied, including the number of spotlight fittings, whether 1-way, 3-way or 6-way, and finish, polished chrome, white, brass etc.

Our range of LED Spotlight fittings are designed with a mains voltage GU10 fitting, which means they are fully compatible with our entire range of GU10 LED Bulbs. These are by far the best choice for homeowners and businesses as they run direct at 240v and require no LED driver which can inevitably complicate matters and increase the cost.