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Mirrorstone LED Commercial Lighting

Commercial lighting is a fairly broad term and covers a wide range of lighting products. Mirrorstone Lighting Ltd offers a huge range of commercial lighting products fit for a wide range of applications from office to warehouse lighting.

Most commercial lighting is purchased with a budget in mind, so it is important that commercial clients and tradesmen have access to the best prices available, particular for bulk purchases. Our trade and volume discounts make Mirrorstone commercial lighting some of the best value for money on the market.

Why Choose Mirrorstone?

If we were to describe Mirrorstone products in one word, that word would be dependable. In the context of commercial lighting this is even more important as outlays tend to much higher and the return on investment, ROI for short, is an important consideration from a business perspective.

Mirrorstone Lighting products use only the highest quality components and manufacturing processes to guarantee performance and ensure longevity. Once installed, a Mirrorstone products will offer years of low energy lighting, helping to cut costs and increase profitability.

Granted we aren't the cheapest on the market, but with LED lighting, price does matter. If you are paying very little for an LED lighting product there is usually a reason. Cheap product tend to use inferior quality components and, while they may perform in the short term, their long term prospects aren't guaranteed, failing within a fraction of their quoted life expectancy.

Mirrorstone have so much confidence in the quality of their products that they support their products with an industry-leading 5 year warranty. Even so, the recorded failure rate for Mirrorstone lighting products is virtually non-existent.

The Commercial Lighting range

The variety of products available in the Mirrorstone commercial lighting range is huge (over 50 products) and covers virtually every facet of commercial lighting from small offices to large warehouses and factories. One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses is return on investment (ROI).

Admittedly, LED Lighting is more expensive than old-fashioned lighting, but their significantly reduced energy consumption and long life span ensure that regardless of the initial outlay, the return on investment is usually very quick. We have seen customer recuperate the cost of their lighting within the first 1-2 years, which means the remaining 10+ years of their savings are returned straight back to your business.

In most cases the purpose of commercial lighting is to light large areas efficiently. Let's take the case of office lighting first. In the past office lighting has been largely dominated by the fluorescent tube. Fluorescent tubes offer a large light output with a wide spread, allowing businesses to light large area with relatively few lighting fixtures.

However, they have numerous drawbacks; they flicker, they're noisy and they're not particularly attractive. LEDs are quickly moving to fill this gap, offering a higher quality of light for a fraction of the energy. Mirrorstone lighting offers a range of LED tubes as a direct replacement for existing tubes - a like-for-like swap. Increasingly popular are LED Panels which are designed specifically for grid ceilings. These are designed to replace the entire fluorescent tube unit and provide a bright, uniform light which is far more pleasant.

The Mirrorstone range of LED High Bay lights offer a unique alternative to traditional large-area lighting solutions. These low energy alternatives to traditional high bay lights have met with critical acclaim on the UK market with owners of warehouses and factories quick on the uptake. These types of industries face a serious challenge from a lighting point of view as it is important to provide adequate lighting for the day-to-day functioning of the business while at the same time keeping costs down.

In most situations business owners are required by law to provide a minimum lux level depending on the function of the space. LEDs offer the solution for meeting this minimum requirement while as keeping running costs down. Add this to the fact that they last upwards of ten years and you've got a winning combination of efficiency and longevity that companies cannot afford to ignore.

Mirrorstone currently offer high bays ranging from a 50W to a 200w unit, providing the same levels of light as their older counterparts.

Product Image Life Span (Hrs) Wattage (W) Lumens (Lm)
Mirrorstone 150W LED High Bay Mirrorstone 150W LED High Bay 50,000 Hrs 150W 13500LM
Metal Halide High Bay 5,000 Hrs 400W 9000LM