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Mirrorstone LED Spotlights

Wholesale LED Lights offers and extensive range of replacement LED Spotlights, around 200 in total, produced by Mirrorstone Lighting Ltd ranging from mains voltage GU10 LED Bulbs to low voltage AR111's. All Mirrorstone LED Spotlights are manufactured in accordance with EU regulations for standards of compliance and safety and carry the CE and RoHS marks as proof of this.

When comparing LED Spotlights from different manufactures it can be difficult to differentiate a quality product from poor-quality one. These LED Spotlights are manufactured using premium grade components to help prolong the life of the product and protect against premature failure. Specifically, they use high quality heat sinks to effectively dispose of latent heat generated during the LEDs life, helping to prolong the life of the chip, while a superior grade LED Driver offers effective surge protection. Moreover, due to a meticulous binning process, the chips used in these products offer a high CRI (colour rendering index) and colour consistency even across batches, with deviations in colour temperature of as little as 1%. But you don't need to take our word for it - with a 5 year guarantee, one of the biggest in the industry, its easy to see why these bulbs are a safe bet.

Products in this range

Products in this category include mains voltage GU10 LED Bulbs and low voltage MR16s and MR11s. As a direct replacement for conventional halogen, Mirrorstone GU10 LED Bulbs are unmatched, offering a quick and simple solution for upgrading to LED technology. Just remove your old bulbs and insert your new LEDs. Hey presto! Job done. Being low voltage bulbs, MR16s and MR11s work in conjunction with a transformer installed on the lighting circuit. This can present problems when swapping to LED, as not all transformers are compatible and can cause problems such as excessive flickering. Mirrorstone Lighting have invested time researching this issue. As such, our low voltage bulbs are sure to work with up to 90% of existing transformers, so, although we can't guarantee they will work, there's a good chance they will. And, even if they don't, upgrading to a compatible LED Driver is a relatively cheap and simple procedure.

Other big sellers in this category include our range of reflector LED bulbs. These come in three main sizes - R50, R63 and R80. Again, as direct replacements, these LED bulbs offer a hassle-free option for upgrading to LED lighting. A pearl reflector on the front face of the bulb helps to increase the aesthetic of these bulbs softening the effect of the light and improving the overall ambience in your home.

Finally, for commercial customers, our AR111's are the go-to product. AR111's are traditionally used in shops and store front displays due to their wide angle and high lumen output. Our AR111 LED bulbs, despite being low wattage, don't compromise on brightness, offering just as much, and in some cases, more light than their their traditional halogen counterparts. Again, as these are low voltage bulbs, the same principle applies, but being a Mirrorstone manufactured product, these are almost certainly guaranteed to work with your existing transformers. And even if they don't, its easy to upgrade to an LED Driver.

How do Mirrorstone LED Spotlights compare?

Two of the key features to consider when purchasing an LED Spotlight are the life expectancy and wattage. Below you will find a chart comparing a Mirrorstone product with older technology and it's closest equivalent on the LED market.

Product Image Life Span (Hrs) Wattage (W) Lumens (Lm)
GU10 Halogen 1,000 50 400
GU10 CFL 10,000 10 380

In total, Wholesale LED Lights offers almost 100 products in this particular category, which means we have a lot to offer to potential customers, irrespective of their requirements. To help our customers these products are categorised by base, from GU10 to MR16, and even by room type, making it easier than ever to find the perfect replacement LED Spotlight for kitchens, bedrooms and even commercial spaces.