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Mirrorstone LED Strip Lights

LED Strip Lights, also known as LED Tape and LED Ribbon, are the latest innovation in lighting technology offering massive versatility and huge potential from a lighting design perspective. Wholesale LED Lights currently hold one of the largest ranges of LED Strip Lights in the UK with hundreds of options in terms of colour, brightness and application.

If you're not familiar with this product it might be worth visiting our blog to learn more about this amazing product. If you are in the market for LED Strip Lights, then look no further than the widely respected Mirrorstone brand.

What makes Mirrorstone LED Strip Lights better

There are many visually similar products on the market today, but, while products may appear the same it is important to understand that quality varies quite considerably. Mirrorstone use only the highest quality components in the manufacture of their LED Strip Lights products, everything from the LED chips and resistors to the circuit boards and 3m adhesives. When you install a length of Mirrorstone tape you can be certain it will last. How else would we be able to offer a massive 5 year warranty as standard!

When comparing a Mirrorstone product with other leading competitors there are few things you might notice. One is the thickness and durability of the PCB board that the LEDs are mounted to. This is important as a sufficiently durable board is required to maintain the integrity of the delicate circuitry contained within and also ensure effective heat dissipation, particularly in enclosed spaces.

Although the products look similar and function similarly in the short-term, it is the long-term that is the true test of these types of products. Whereas Mirrorstone products will continue to work for years to come, inferior products will become defective in a fraction of their expected life span, losing their light output or ceasing to work altogether. Mirrorstone invest time and effort into their developmental and quality control process to ensure this doesn't happen.

Our cut to length service

One of the key features of LED Strip Lights is that they are cuttable. While it is relatively straightforward to cut this product, many customers inexperience with lighting prefer not to. Wholesale LED Lights offers a bespoke cut to length service to all its customers, completely free of charge. That means the lights can be prepared to the exact size and dimension of your installation. All you need to worry about is installation.

What products do we offer in this range?

Wholesale LED Lights currently offers one of the biggest ranges of LED Strip Lights, exclusively manufactured by Mirrorstone Lighting Ltd. These lights are available in almost every conceivable colour, from shades of white (warm to cool) and primary colours, including red, green and blue. Even more exciting is the colour changing RGB range which lets you change the colours of your lights on the fly. We even offer a dual colour product that allows you to change from warm white to cool white in the same fashion.

This range isn't just limited to the lights themselves or led light bars - it also includes a huge range of controllers and accessories. At the moment we offer over 20 control options for our LED Strip Lights and a further 100+ accessories including profiles, diffusers, connectors and dimmers.

Things to consider when buying LED Strip Lights

As well as looking at the quality, there are a few key considerations to make when buying LED Strip Lights. Being a low voltage (12v) lighting product, a driver, also known as a transformer, is an essential part of the setup, that is unless you are running from a 12v lighting system, such as a car. If you are buying colour changing RGB strips you will also need to purchase a controller. The best way to buy strip lights is over the phone. Just explain your requirements to our customer service team and they can guide you through the entire purchase process.

How do our products compare

The table below highlights just some of the key product features and how they compare with other technologies on the market. It is important to consider that due to the novelty of this product there is no direct equivalent available either in halogen or fluorescent technologies. For the purposes of this comparison we have selected the closest equivalents.

ProductPriceLife SpanWattageLumens
Mirrorstone Single Colour LED Strip Lights 60 x 3528SMD £4.74 per metre* 50,000hrs 4.8W 400lm
21w T5 830 863mm Fluorescent Tube £4.56 24,000hrs 21W 830lm
Angled Halogen Downlight £2.49 1,000hrs 20W 500lm