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Mirrorstone LED Tube Lights

Fluorescent tube lights have been around for a while and are extremely common in offices and workspaces. Today companies are increasingly looking for ways to cut their costs. LED Tube lights are one way they can do this.

Why Mirrorstone LED Tube Lights

Compared to other LED Tube Lights on the market, Mirrorstone's tubes offer additional money savings and reliability. This is due to the fact that Mirrorstone have invested extra time and effort in ensuring their products are of the highest standard and meet all EU regs. Only the highest quality components go into Mirrorstone products, whether they be LEDs, resistors, drivers and heat sinks.

A true replacement

Replacing fluorescent tubes with LED Tubes is sometimes difficult. This is because tube lights include a starter and ballast. Many tubes on the market are not direct replacements and a lot of modification is required in order to make the necessary changes to accommodate the new LED Tube. This can cost time and money.

Mirrorstone tubes are a true replacement. Each tube is supplied with a starter - all you need to do is swap the starter and swap the tube. Nothing else needed. LED Tubes manufactured by Mirrorstone Lighting are some of the easiest replacements on the market. That is why we sell thousands each month.

As an online retailer of LED Tubes one of the biggest challenges is ensuring our products reach our customer in tact and undamaged. LEDs are more durable than old fashioned fluorescent tubes, but they are still fragile enough to become damaged in transit.

We have taken time to invest in high quality packaging for our tubes to ensure they are well protected in transit. Moreover, Mirrorstone products come with a massive warranty insuring you against premature failures. Fortunately, our reported failure rate is so dramatically low, you can rest assured that, once installed, your tube lights will serve you for many years.

One of the main benefits of LEDs compared to older technologies is the fact they come on instantly and don't flicker. Older tube lights tend to flicker considerably which, particularly in a working environment, can result in irritation and discomfort for employees.

The light from fluorescent tubes also tends to be quite flat and lifeless, again, not ideal for a working environment. In contrast, LED tubes come on immediate and do not flicker. The light they produce is far more pleasant and natural, which helps to promote a better working environment. This in turn can help increase productivity.

Mirrorstone currently offer three main options in this range - T8 tubes, T5 tubes and light bars. Light bars are a little different to the two varieties of tube lights in that they are more of a under cabinet lighting solution. The light bars are modular and can be plugged end-to-end to create longer lengths of light. These are a completely plug-and-play solution so, ideally, no wiring is required.

These are just some of the compelling reasons to convert to LED, but how exactly do we compare to other products on the market. Take a look at the table below to find out.

Product Image Life Span (Hrs) Wattage (W) Lumens (Lm)
Mirrorstone 600MM, 2FT T8 LED TUBE LIGHT Mirrorstone 600MM, 2FT T8 LED TUBE LIGHT 50,000hrs 10W 800lm
2ft Fluorescent Tube Light 10,000hrs 20W 750lm