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Mirrorstone Lighting

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"Wholesale LED Lights is proud to stock Mirrorstone Lighting products."
- Amit Soni, Wholesale LED Lights CEO

Who is Mirrorstone Lighting LTD?

Mirrorstone Lighting Ltd is an industry-leading manufacturer of LED Lighting. Since its inception in 2010, Mirrorstone has developed an extensive range of long lasting, low energy LED Lighting solutions for both domestic and commercial applications. As a manufacturer, Mirrorstone is committed to quality and affordability. All Mirrorstone Lighting products are manufactured in accordance with EU regulations and undergo rigorous testing to ensure they meet the highest standards of quality and safety. Through economy of scale Mirrorstone are able to offer high quality lighting at a reasonable price. So, despite the price, you are guaranteed a quality product, one that will last many, many years. That is why we are able to offer an impressive 5 year warranty.

The Mirrorstone Lighting story begins in 2010 when they first entered the UK market with a range of retrofit LED bulbs, including GU10s, E27s and B22s. At the time, LED Lighting technology was still relatively new, and the LED lighting of the day bore little comparison in terms of appearance and quality to those manufactured today. A typical LED bulb looked strange. On its own, a single LED wasn't powerful enough to generate the light necessary for most domestic applications, and a typical LED bulb would be covered in up to 50 individual LEDs. The earliest LED bulbs were often referred to as corn bulbs, on account of the fact that they looked like corn on the cob. Despite this, LED bulbs penetrated the lighting market, with early advocates including eco-minded home-owners and businesses eager to cut costs.

As LED technology has evolved so too has the Mirrorstone product. Significant developments have included OMNI-LED, a range of retrofit LED bulbs that use an LED filament and closely resemble the old-style incandescent.

Perhaps one of it's biggest innovations has been flexible LED Tape. Indeed, Mirrorstone were one of the first to innovate in this area, offering self-adhesive ribbons of LEDs for applications such as under cabinet lighting and kitchen plinth lighting. Mirrorstone LED Tape has even been used by major high street retailers, including O2 and Alton Towers.

As well as these Mirrorstone also offers a range of commercial grade LED Lighting. Mirrorstone Lighting are one of the biggest manufacturers of LED Panel Lights, direct replacements for fluorescent coffers, and have supplied tens of thousands of units to the UK market. The Mirrorstone LED Floodlight range is one of the most extensive, while its range of LED High Bays offer enormous light output for considerably little cost.

In the past 5 years Mirrorstone Lighting has gone from strength to strength and its operations continue to expand. As a manufacturer of LED Lighting, Mirrorstone has become synonymous with quality and reliability and is easily one of the most instantly recognisable names in this industry. Wholesale LED Lights currently stocks upwards of 1000 Mirrorstone products, ranging from lights to accessories.

For more information about the manufacturer visit the official website.

Mirrorstone is a registered trademark of Mirrorstone Lighting Ltd.