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White Trendi Switches and Sockets

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Finished in a classy Gloss White and with the unmistakable long chrome insert, this selection of Trendi switches can fit into almost any home as replacements to traditional switches and sockets. They mainly find their feet in modernly styled homes.

Like the rest of the finishes, each of these white switches come with the irreplaceable chrome inserts that are synonymous with the Trendi range. All of the switches also come in standard sizes meaning that mounting them isn't an issue and you won't even need to replace your back boxes!

Full Selection of switches, all available in a flawless white

The Trendi range doesn't stop at just one gang and two gang light switches. With 12 unique switches available you can have a matching style throughout every single room!

If you're looking at replacing your 1-Gang, 2-Gang, 3-Gang or 4-Gang rocker switches then the White Trendi collection supports each one of these switches.

As well as that, you can retrofit 1-Gang or 2-Gang 13A Plug Sockets into your existing back boxes. However, there are newer models available which now sport 4 individual USB Ports which are perfect for charging your phone or tablet alongside appliances that require 240v.

Each part of the room is also covered, by the other switches that we have available including a Fused Spur & Cooker Switch as well as TV Sockets and Telephone Sockets to help with your other appliances.

Not only is there a huge variety available, but it is available in more than just white, with each of these switches and sockets also available in Black, Silver and Gold.

Buying online has never been easier thanks to Wholesale LED Lights

Purchasing from Wholesale LED Lights doesn't mean that you get just great quality products. Each order that is placed comes with a home trial lasting 28 days. This trial period ultimately means if you are unsure on your order you can always test it after purchasing and make your decision then.

Please be aware all Trendi products have to be ordered directly from Trendi so delivery takes an extra 2-3 working days. Once they have been ordered though, each switch comes with a 1 year manufacturer's warranty, covering failures within the first year of purchase.

Including the first order you place with us, each order generates points that can be accrued against future orders, offering you potential phenomenal discounts on future orders.

For a full breakdown on the Trendi range as well as any other light switches, dimmer switches or sockets we have available then feel free to give us a call on 0116 321 4120 or e-mail