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220V - 250V
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Orders Over £40 Ship Free

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220V - 250V

Varilight V-Pro IR Classic 2-Gang Master Dimmer / Slave Unit Description

Introduce a new and improved dimming technology into your home with the V-Pro IR Classic 2-Gang Master Dimmer & Slave Unit from Varilight, one of the manufacturers of the highest quality dimmers on the market.

Despite such great technological advances, you still maintain a traditional look that you get with older style dimmer switches. With 9 different finishes available, finding a rooms will not be difficult:

  • Mirror Chrome;
  • Matt Chrome;
  • Satin Chrome;
  • Iridium Black;
  • Pewter;
  • Graphite;
  • Polished Brass;
  • Georgian Brass;
  • and for an extra £3.64, Antique Georgian Brass.

Each of the above finishes are available in more than just this 2 gang switch though with 1-Gang, 3-Gang and 4-Gang switches available in each finish to help you keep a uniform look across your home. Alternatively, you can have each room be different and give it its own personality.

The range of touch dimmers that we have available don't stop at the classic range of V-pro IR switches. The same IR technology is available in 3 other styles; Screwless, Ultra Flat and Lily. Each of these ranges provides a different style making each perfect for different areas.

Firstly, and more unsurprisingly, the Screwless does what is says on the tin. Each faceplate of the range, is mounted onto the wall but the mounting screws aren't visible.

Unlike the Screwless, the Ultra flat has the screws on show. Excluding the visible screws, the face plate is only 1mm deep, sitting right on the wall!

For the more outlandish and exuberant among us there is the Lily range of switches. Coming in finishes such as Rose Pink and Duck Egg Blue they are perfect for children's rooms or other, more vibrant areas.

If you wish to avoid the new touch technology then we also have traditionally styled rotary dimmer switches to suit your needs.

This modernised technology can also be controlled from up to 3 different locations. With the available master / slave functionality, you can have these switches installed in 2 static locations. You can also control the switch remotely giving you lighting control directly from your seat with the Varilight IR 8 Channel Remote.

Faultless Dimming Of LEDs

Each gang on this switch features a 100W maximum load and can dim up to 10 different lamps at any given time. With these switches having such a low load, you will find that reaching the bulb limit will be more of an issue than the reaching the maximum load.

Being designed with LEDs in mind it also features Trailing Edge Dimming technology, giving you a smoother, more attractive range.

As this 2 gang switch can be controlled remotely, when turned off there is a small current still running through the switch, allowing it to receive the signals from the remote. This current can then illuminate the connected LEDs due to their susceptibility to voltage changes.

This glow isn't present amongst most of our range of dimmable GU10s, with exception of our 7W COB. It is, however, prominent in all of our LED light bulbs that feature OMNI-LED Technology. If the selection of OMNI-LED Bulbs appeals to you or if you like the unbelievably accurate halogen replication from the 7W COB, then do not worry, there is a fix!

With the installation of a piece of ingenious equipment from Varilight called the GlowFix Module, you can remove this glow.

Stop Any Failures From Catching You Out

After ordering your item you may find you are not a fan of the styling, or the finish itself may not be for you. If this applies to you in any way then let us know within 14 days of receipt and we'll be able to swap your items over for something else or refund your order.

Each product from Varilight undergoes rigorous testing to ensure you receive the highest quality light switches. This quality is then backed up by a 1 year manufacturer's warranty.

Please note that orders over £40 benefit from free shipping.

For more information on the V-Pro IR Classic 2-Gang Master Dimmer & Slave Unit or other 2 gang switches that we have available then feel free to get in touch with us by calling 0116 321 4120 or send an e-mail to and we'll answer all your questions.