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Varilight V-Pro Screwless Eclique2 4-Gang Master Dimmer / Slave Unit Description

Take a good look at this fantastic, stylish master dimmer / slave unit from Varilight, the market leaders in the world of LED light switches. If this is the first time you’ve seen this unit, you’re in for a treat, because it will change the way you perceive household dimmer switches forever.

Gone are the days of insipid, off-white, clunky dimmer switches. These are available in Brushed and Polished Brass, Matt and Mirror Chrome and Iridium and Jet Black, Mocha and Premium White finishes, so they’ll complement your existing décor perfectly!

You can choose whether you’d like the master switch or the slave unit when you buy this item. The master switch has the ability to be installed on its own, whereas the slave unit cannot function in isolation. If you’re in doubt, it’s best to enquire about which you’ll require for your room.

All of Varilight’s dimmer switches are imbued with their innovative soft start feature, which cures the old problem that LED lights have with sudden voltage changes. This is good news for the dimmable bulbs and good news for you, as it ensures that they have long and productive lives.

Both the master switch and the slave unit have a tactile touch button, but it’s only the master that includes an integrated remote control sensor.

To control this system, you’ll require an Eclique2 Light Scene Remote Control. It will allow you to effectively combine the various functions of your separate lights, to create your own individually-tailored lighting environment. It also allows you to save up to 4 unique lighting combinations!

So Many Great Choices!

The world of dimmable lighting has never before been so enthralling, because Varlight bring you so many options to choose from.

This is a 4-gang master dimmer / slave unit, however, there are also 1, 2 and 3-gang varieties available in this Screwless Series. There are also the Classic, the Ultraflat, the retro-styled Lilly as well as the IR Series, which requires the services of the Varilight IR 8-Channel Remote Controller.

If you’re thinking of embarking on a whole-home décor-upgrade, you might be interested to discover that Varilight also has a Screwless switched plug socket range available, and with finishes to match.

Upgrade Your Ambience Too!

Whilst your fixtures and fittings are undeniably very important, current thinking has now broadened to link Feng Shui, the ancient Chinese philosophical system of creating harmony between the environment and those in it, with the quality of your lighting!

One of the beauties of LED lighting is that, unlike the rigid inflexibility of other lighting sources, it’s available in several stunning colour temperatures, which will enable you to tailor your light to your own exact specifications.

Many of our customers choose to have the warm white (3000K) variety in their living spaces, so their lounge and bedroom will benefit from a mellow, subdued light. The cool white (6000K) has traditionally been the go-to option for more utilitarian rooms such as kitchens and bathrooms, however, more recently, the daylight white (4000K) has begun to make inroads to all of these areas, as well as in people’s offices.

Reasons To Be Cheerful

In these times of rising prices, everybody’s looking to save money in any way they can. Well good news it on its way, because switching from your current lighting to LED will save you £££s and help save our planet!

Lighting constitutes an enormous 20% of our household energy expenditure, so it makes sense to switch to LED, as it’s now the most cost-effective option available.

LED bulbs and lights produce, on average, one tenth of the amount of wasteful heat of a traditional light bulb. In lighting terms, heat is a waste product, and a destroyer of bulbs to boot.

By developing a much more efficient way to dissipate even the tiny amount of heat they do produce, LED bulb manufacturers have effectively prolonged the life-expectancy of their bulbs, so now they outlast traditional incandescent bulbs by 20 to 1.

LEDs have a much reduced carbon footprint too. They’re 100% recyclable and don’t contain the poisonous Mercury that fluorescents require to produce their light.

Unlike fluorescent bulbs, LEDs don’t give off the UV rays, known to cause both premature aging and certain forms of skin cancer. This means they’re not only better ecologically-speaking, they’re also better for our health as well!

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You’ll also make substantial savings via our regularly updated discount and promotional codes program. Simply apply the appropriate code to your basket at the checkout, and you’ll be given up to 20% off selected items. You cannot lose!

If you change your buying status to that of Trade Customer, you’ll be welcome to partake of our even more seriously discounted wholesale prices. Many of our customers have made the decision to do this, and none have regretted it!

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This Varilight V-Pro Screwless Eclique2 4-Gang Master Dimmer / Slave Unit comes with a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee, for your added peace of mind.

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