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Warm White, Cool White

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Warm White (3000K) and Cool White (6000K)
2 Years

ExoLED CREE 9W Dimmable Fire Rated LED Downlight (IP65), Polished Chrome Description

This is a fully integrated LED downlight from Mirrorstone™. Both robust and stylish, it will be the perfect choice for any domestic or commercial lighting application in which a recess depth sufficient to house ceiling lights isn’t a problem.

Designed with quality and convenience in mind, it doesn’t require you to buy a separate bulb. Light-wise, its 600 Lumens of brightness will comfortably replace a traditional 60W halogen downlight.

Should you require an alternatively-coloured front bezel to suit your décor, these superb LED downlight units are also available in black, satin chrome and polished chrome finishes, all similarly dimmable.

Please bear in mind that these units should only be dimmed with a Varilight V-Pro dimmer or equivalent intelligent trailing-edge dimmer switch. They’re really not designed to work with any other type of dimmer switch.

Introducing ExoLED

Our brand new ExoLED line of fire-rated downlights provides extra protection for your premises. The intumescent nature of the downlight has been strengthened, leading to longer delays in fire spread. With even more lumens resulting from the low wattage, you can be assured of a much more efficient product when it comes to the ExoLEDs.

Safe As Houses

These downlight units are fire-rated, so they’ll effectively right the wrongs that installing downlights into a ceiling normally cause.

Fire-rated LED lighting products such as our fitted LED downlights and our other fire rated GU10 LED downlights and similarly IP-rated varieties will add the extra 90 minutes of protection that may prove so important to you, your family and friends, in the event of a fire.

Another consideration when deciding to use downlights is the number you’ll require to perfectly illuminate your room.

Bear in mind that if you do buy additional LED fire-rated downlights, you’ll be eligible for free shipping, as this offer comes into effect on purchases of £40.00 or more!

Intelligent By Design

It’s safe to say that heat destroys bulbs, and whilst LEDs generate significantly less of it than incandescent bulbs, they do still produce it. That’s where the intelligent design of this LED downlight comes in. It incorporates a finned heat-sink that draws away and dissipates any potentially damaging heat, effectively prolonging the life of the light. Ingenious!

This comparative longevity extends across the board, as far as the battle between LEDs vs conventional bulbs is concerned. Indeed, this downlight unit has a life expectancy of some ultra reliable 50,000 hours which is well over double the life of a fluorescent bulb producing the same luminosity.

They’re available in two colour temperatures, both ideal for creating individualistic lighting moods, in various areas of your home or business.

The warm white (3000K) is favoured for its mellow quality, and is most often used in living rooms and bedrooms, whilst our customers seem to prefer the cool white (6000K) for more utilitarian areas such as kitchens and bathrooms. As this unit boasts a high IP65 rating, it’ll be perfectly safe in both environments, dry or wet.

The Big Switch

As a source of light, LED is rapidly becoming the choice of the smart consumer, and with good reason.

LED light bulbs aren’t only longer-lasting, they’re also about 90% more energy-efficient to run than traditional bulbs. They cost a fraction of the electricity to produce exactly the same amount of light. This means that you can replace all your existing bulbs with LEDs and actually save money on your electricity bill.

They’re also far better for the environment. They don’t require toxic Mercury vapour to produce equally harmful UV light, as halogen bulbs do. And they’re completely and utterly recyclable, so won’t end their long lives as part of a landfill site, which has to be good news ecologically-speaking, right?

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This CREE 9W Dimmable Fire Rated LED Downlight (IP65), Polished Chrome is protected by a 2-Year Manufacturer’s Guarantee.

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