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Warm White, Cool White

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Warm White (3000K) and Cool White (6000K)
2 Years

ExoLED CREE 9W Dimmable Fire Rated LED Downlight (IP65), White Description

Complete your ceiling with a singular fitting thanks to the White CREE 9W Dimmable Fire Rated LED Downlight (IP65) by Mirrorstone. Using only 3 individual LEDs for its light output, it efficiency paints the perfect picture of LEDs.

Each unit has its reliability as the main focus, coming as durable as possible making general wear and tear something that is ineffective to it. The durability is also reflected in the reliability with each finish of this fire rated fitting easily being the most reliable product in our available range!

This durability and reliability doesn't detract away from the fact each unit still needs to be of a standard size for downlights and with a recess depth of 90mm and only a 53mm cutting hole, it is smaller than most other integrated LED downlights and compared to traditional GU10 fire rated fittings where you can replace the bulb, it is a similar size.

If height is an issue, we also have a range of short can light fittings and our 8W COB range, available in fixed White and Satin Chrome as well as Satin Chrome as tilt, have a smaller recess depth allowing for tighter fits.

Its rigid construction doesn't mean it has lost focus of its design, finished in an unblemished white it can go into almost any room and fit straight in without contracting against any decor. We do also have other finishes available if you feel the White is not for you, such as Satin Chrome, Polished Chrome and a Matte Black finish.

Each of the LEDs that are mounted onto the face of the dimmable downlight help achieve its 600 Lumen brightness meaning you can replace your 60W spotlights without there being any noticeable difference. Even with this light level, there is a 60° spread of light, making it give the perfect effect of light.

By being such a close replication, it makes perfect sense to maximise all possible features and making them dimmable fully incorporates a replication that's better than the real thing. As the lights are LED, they require use alongside a Low Load Trailing Edge Dimmer Switch and the highest recommendations we give are for use with one of the range of Varilight V-Pro dimmer switches.

Whilst mainly used for replacing spotlights, if you are looking at an extension or you are installing the lights into different spots within your ceiling, you'll need to plan on their arrangement to help you decide on the amount you'd need.

Introducing ExoLED

Our brand new ExoLED line of fire-rated downlights provides extra protection for your premises. The intumescent nature of the downlight has been strengthened, leading to longer delays in fire spread. With even more lumens resulting from the low wattage, you can be assured of a much more efficient product when it comes to the ExoLEDs.

Covering The Holes You Have Cut Out

Cutting a hole in the ceiling can leave your home susceptible to the fire spread and potentially endangering everywhere in the house. To help reduce the risk of the fire spreading to wider areas of your house each CREE 9W Dimmable LED Downlight (IP65) comes with a fire rating of 90 minutes, resisting the spread of fire for over an hour, potentially helping you get out in time.

It doesn't just protect you from the spread of fire but each unit can also protect itself valiantly with its IP65 rating. This means it can withstand jets of water from a 12.5mm nozzle whilst remaining completely dust tight. This also make it an ideal candidate for any wet rooms or bathrooms thanks to the rating surpassing the minimum required.

Keeping Your Light For Over 2 Decades!

More dated styles of lighting, particularly incandescent light bulbs, fail due to heat building up to an extreme level.

Even though LEDs produce heat, the level is no way near that of other, older styles of light and this is one of the main reasons LEDs can out last any form of light convincingly well.Heat sinks are incorporated to keep the heat away from the light source helping maximise the lifespan.

Why Should You Switch To LED?

It's a question asked very frequently and other than the fact that LEDs can save you up to 90% on your bills, not many people will be able to tell you other aspects of LEDs that can benefit you directly or have an impact on the wider world.

LEDs are known for their impressively small loads which is one of the reasons they are great for helping preserve the planet but not only this, LEDs are fully recyclable after they have been used up making them effect you and the planet directly.

It doesn't stop there with the direct benefits to you from LEDs as the aforementioned recyclability is thanks to the absence of materials such as mercury that are also hazardous and noxious. LEDs are also designed not to flicker, making them great for your health compared to traditional bulbs.

Increase Your Savings On More Than Just Your Bills

With over 3000 reviews, we'd like to think we have a good grasp on what you would like, but we're always open to your suggestions. Your review could be the one that helps us refine one of many things, including the prices!

A good example of this is how our reviews have helped shape some of the offers that we offer you with every order. This includes any orders that come to over £40 in value meaning that you can get free delivery at 2-3 working days.

You can take your savings that one step further by apply for a trade account to get discounts of up to 25%!

Ensuring You Have What You Want

Online purchasing can be a small gamble and receiving your order may not live up to exactly what you have expected or in the meantime you may have had a change of heart and no longer want the items. No matter the reason, if you wish to return your item let us know within 28 days of purchase and we can get a refund or exchange arranged.

Each White CREE 9W Dimmable Fire Rated LED Downlight (IP65) comes with a 2 year replacement warranty covering your failures with cost free replacements.

For any other questions about our integrated downlight or fire rated fittings as well what can be used alongside them such as dimmer switches, get in touch with us and ask your questions by calling 0116 321 4120 or send an e-mail to