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OMNIPlus Dimmable B22 4W OMNI-LED, Clear Candle


OMNIPlus Dimmable B22 4W OMNI-LED, Clear Candle

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  • 5 Years*Warranty

Key Features:
  • B22
  • Candle
  • 440 LM
  • 4W
  • 35W
  • 220v-240V AC
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  • Free ShippingOrders over £40

  • 14 DayCancellations

  • 5 Years*Warranty

Please be informed that if you are to order the Cool White (6000K) option, you will receive a 3W bulb - NOT a 4W.

Requiring a low power usage of just 3 watts and boasting the new OMNI-LED filament technology, the Mirrorstone Lighting dimmable 3w OMNI-LED candle lights will replace your 35w incandescent candle light bulbs perfectly.

Also, due to its standard, retro fitting B22 base you can swap them straight over with your incandescent candles and make up to 90% savings on your lighting bills rapidly for over a decade as their life expectancy exceeds 30,000 hours which is equivalent to over 10 years considering an average usage of 8h per day.

This huge running cost reduction is also accompanied by the frequently ran discount codes which range from up to store wide 10% discount to a 20% off of selected products. Whatever the discount being ran, you can always benefit from up to 20% additional discount.

Likewise to the discount codes you can also gain an extra 5% discount when ordering 5 or more with our bulk buy offers. This can total for up to 25% initial discount whilst still experiencing vastly reducing running costs.

3W OMNI-LED Candle Style vs. 35W Incandescent

Introducing OMNIPlus

With our OMNIPlus range of LED bulbs, you’ll be getting a more efficient, brighter bulb that outperforms our previous range by far. An improved aluminium heat sink means an even greater lifespan, so your lighting will shine for longer. Join the next generation of eco-friendly saving and upgrade today.

The Pure Way To Restore Your Lighting Bills

Every 3w OMNI-LED Candle comes with 2 sole LED filaments which emit a high power light. This is also amplified by the clear glass finish to get the truest impersonation of 40w incandescent candle.

These 2 individual LED filaments make the 3w OMNI-LED candle have a full light spread of 360° as well as a bright light output of 330 Lumens.

The bright light output and spread of light is additional to the 2 colour variations that are available with the OMNI-LED range. Available in Warm White (3000K) and Cool White (6000K) you should be able to find a colour that will suit your installation perfectly.

If you're looking to install your new LEDs into living areas such as your dining room then Warm White is the general recommendation for light colour. Warm White is also recommended in hallways and bedrooms for a more relaxed light. Warm White is also recommended in rooms which have are more traditional styling.

If you don't think Warm White is the right effect for what you're looking to do then the other colour option, Cool White, may be the better choice. Generally recommended for use in bathrooms and kitchens you may find that Cool White is better for rooms which require as much light as possible. It is also a good choice for any rooms which have a modern styling to them.

If you still don't feel entirely sure about what colour you would need or want then refer to our colour guide for more help.

Simulate Your Incandescent Light Bulbs With Dimmable OMNI-LED Technology

Sporting a full range of Globes, Candles and Golf balls in standard E27, E14, B22 & B15 fittings our new OMNI-LED range has something that should suit you.

When LED bulbs first surfaced they used SMD LEDs to get their light output. As SMDs are surface mounted you could only achieve a 180° beam angle from the light. Despite this beam angle being wide, it doesn't replicate the incandescent light bulbs as well as it could do. We have took an original LED Light bulb apart digitally to display how it works.

OMNI-LED Technology makes LED light bulbs get closer than any SMD bulb before it with the help of its LED filaments. The LED filaments allow for omnidirectional light output meaning that the bulbs can achieve a full spread of light as oppose to a 180° beam.

Our OMNI-LED range manufactured by Mirrorstone also consists of a smaller range dimmable OMNI-LED bulbs. These bulbs are dimmable as standard but it isn't necessary for them to be dimmed and you have the option of making them dimmable if you do wish to.

For dimming the range of dimmable OMNI-LEDs you will need to install a dimmer switch that is compatible with LEDs. There are a range of companies who have, or claim to have, LED compatible dimmer switches, however we only guarantee that the Varilight V-Pro and V-Com lines are compatible with our LEDs.

If you already have a switch installed then you can check to see if would be compatible and seeing if it is a Low Load Trailing Edge Dimmer Switch.

Extensive And Extendable Mirrorstone Warranty

Our full range of Mirrorstone products are covered by a comprehensive 2 year warranty. This warranty is also fully extendable out to 5 years in all LED spotlights, LED Light Bulbs and LED tape within the first 90 days of purchase.

If you have any questions in regards to the 5 year warranty, OMNI-LEDs, wholesale rates, trade offers or dimming LEDs then please don't hesitate to get in contact with us by telephone on 0116 321 4120 or by e-mail on

More Information
Base B22
Style Candle
Lumens 440 LM
Power 4W
Equivalent Wattage 35W
Input Voltage 220v-240V AC
Height (mm) 98mm
Diameter (mm) 35mm
Life Hours 30,000
Beam Angle 360°
Dimmable Dimmable
Colour Warm White (3000K) and Cool White (6000K)
Warranty 5 Years*
Certification CE, RoHS
Brand Mirrorstone

4.54 Average

54 Reviews


Prompt delivery and works well. Couldn't ask for better. Many thanks.

Steven Georgiadis

Excellent brightness, I would say near a 40w traditional bulb or the 28w halogen ecos I was using before. Good dimming and attractive filament style. Only criticism is the colour is not as warm as the previous halogens.

Robert Johnson

These are fine in my opaque globe shade ( triple fitting).

Richard Swaffield

Good bulb at good price, but swapped for warm white version as cool white too 'blue'.

Ernest Walters

Arrived on time ,work great with my dimmer switch . will be ordering more


Very Good. They say 35W equivalent but for the first time with low wattage I think they have underestimated. I have replaced two 60W bulbs and they are just about as bright. So I am very happy.


These clear LED candle Bulbs were delivered yesterday, they are to replace incandescent bulbs in our old candelabra with bayonet sockets. We are impressed with their brightness for just 3 watts, its unbelievable, and they look great. We'll be ordering again from you soon. We'd have given you 5 stars but we had to return the first shipment because it wasn't what we had ordered. Anyway, you saw us right with quick delivery and paid for return postage, and we'll be ordering from you again soon.

Brian Groves

I had bought undimmable led candles from another supplier. They were too bright. I bought these dimmable bulbs from you because you explained well what i needed to purchase and you had the correct dimmer in stock


Work well on full power but there is a point where they flicker when dimmed.

Anon Customer

Excellent looks good on and more importantly off. Colour and brightness a very good match to a 28w halogen


Excellent, bought them for a pub and they has completely transformed the whole building, giving it a much fresher look.

Gary Hummerston

Purchase one of these bulbs to test in a crystal chandelier. The brightness is comparable with the existing halogen candle bulbs and exceeds the brightness of another LED bulb (non LED filament) I have tested. I will be replacing all of the bulbs in the chandeliers (8 bulbs x 2 chandeliers). They will save a lot electricity, run a lot cooler and with the filaments, give quite a retro look to the whole ensemble!

Xiaoyu Luo

brilliant light, great value for money, bright and dim mode works perfectly, but in the middle range it has some "candle" effects, the light bulbs starts a little flashing , but won't bother. Great quality and products.

Daniel fowler

Ingrid Hemsley

Great lights, bright, all clear glass, properly dimmable, just what we wanted.


Good lights look very modern. And bright enough. As we have a big room they are equivalent to 35 watt. We fitted 5 bulbs. When first turned on they flicker and then adjust to the dim level we had set before. Would prefer a 4 watt version. So a little brighter. Overlall good

William Marshall

All ok no problems - yet!


Very bright. They look great on or off

Christopher Backhouse

These bulbs are great but be aware that although the bulbs are dimmable your dimmer control might well not be able to cope with such low power LED loads. The bulbs will flicker as a result. I had to keep one halogen bulb in a set of 5 (with 4 LEDs) just to get the load up for the dimmer control to work OK.

Dear Christopher You are correct that due to the load of LED's being so low this can render some dimmers non compatible. If you would like perfect dimming we would recommend our range of Varilight Dimmers. These are all compatible with our LEDs and can work with a load as low as 10W. If you have any further questions please just give us a call. Thanks

Ivor Sheehan

Very bright & close to normal bulbs for colour. Look just like normal candle bulbs - none of that bulky base you get with most LED candle bulbs. They are dimnable buy require a special dimmer switch. There is a possible danger if you use a standard dimmer switch. Take advice if you are going to use them with a big standard dimmer

michael trump

well made light level is excellent and they transform the feeling of the room

Vladimir Ivanov

Ashok Bagri

Very well packaged, provides nice bright white light, looks good. Very pleased.


Very good items and a good service well done use you again ok

Stuart Jemson

Good quality LED lamps, quick delivery and reasonably priced.

Philip Burgess

Really like the product, looks good quality, Speedy delivery. Value for money.

Bryan McAuliffe

These are comparatively good value for money, compared to other LED candle lightbulbs. They seem to be built well enough, time will tell. Under a dimmer they can strobe a little, you just need to adjust the dimmer a little to get a solid looking illumination. One problem with the lights that isnt immediately noticeable, is that they are running similar to flourescent tubes, in that they do seem to project at about 50Hz. This becomes apparent when moving, shake your hand and see 15 fingers. It is exagerated under dimming as described above, and it appears there are sometimes harmonics causing more off's between the 50Hz power supply and the effect of dimming. While this can be avoided with transforming, for me I think the process of switching to energy efficient lighting is already expensive enough, and its just not that much of a bother to spend more. On the whole I'm pleased with these, they are warmer than normal LED colour, but still not as nice as ordinary incandescent bulbs.

john Wareham

Very pleased with these bulbs just the amount of light needed in my 5 arm pendant light fitting. Dims very well.

David Wimble

These lamps seem to be very very good, only just installed, give off lovely light and very well built. Highly recommend this product and good price for this type of product.

terry McGuire

Lamps as described, well packed, quick delivery, excellent service, satisfied, will use you again.

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