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Mirrorstone LED Light Bulbs

Wholesale LED Lights offers one of the largest ranges of replacement LED Light Bulbs available online. The beauty of these products manufactured by Mirrorstone Lighting Ltd is that they are completely retrofit and require no modification whatsoever - simply remove your existing incandescents, halogens or even CFLs and replace them with an LED Light Bulb. And don't forget, all these products come with a 5 year warranty and are fully compliant with EU regs, making them some of the safest LED replacements on the market.

Things to consider

LED Light bulbs come in a wide range of shapes and sizes, not to mention fittings. If you're not sure what a fitting is, it is the part of the bulb that connects to the electricity supply. When buying LED Light bulbs it is important to consider what type of fitting you need and, most importantly, to get it right. To make things easy, we offer a buying guide which takes you through the process. Just find the fitting you need, and the rest is simple.

Mirrorstone LED Light Bulbs are currently available in a wide range of fittings including B22, E27, E14, B15, G4 and G9. Most are mains voltage, which means you don't need to worry about compatibility with your transformers. Where the bulbs are low voltage, such as with G4s, due to the care and precision of engineering with Mirrorstone light bulbs, there is a very high likelihood they will work with your existing transformer, but even if they don't, you can upgrade to an LED Driver.

Dimming LED Bulbs

Around half of the bulbs available from Wholesale LED Lights are dimmable. Unfortunately, that doesn't mean they will necessarily work with your existing dimmer switches. In order to guarantee compatibility and prolong the life of the bulbs we recommend upgrading your dimmer switch to a low load trailing edge dimmer, like the Varilight V-Pro range.

Popular Products in this Range

Perhaps the most instantly recognisable product in this range is the OMNI-LED. Without a doubt these amazing bulbs have revolutionised LED Lighting technology. OMNI-LEDs derive their name from the fact that the light produced is omni-directional. This is unlike a lot of older LED Light Bulbs which only emit light in one direction. This makes them ideal for general lighting applications. The key to this technology is an LED-filament, an LED shaped like a filament, which allows for a wider spread of light. As such, these are some of the most authentic-looking LED Light bulbs available, offering a true replacement for an old-fashioned incandescent with the same look and feel.

How do Mirrorstone products compare with other products on the market?

We appreciate that it is sometimes difficult for customers to 'buy into' a product, especially when claims seem too good to be true. In many cases they are. We have heard nightmare stories from customers of LED bulbs that failed shortly after purchase. Anyone buying Mirrorstone products should be reassured by the fact that they also receive a 5 year warranty, one of the longest on the market, so even if a bulb does fail, we will replace it, no questions asked. Visit our terms and conditions page for more information

To ensure overall customer satisfaction, the Mirrorstone manufacturing process has been developed to guarantee a high level of quality and safety in all it's products. With the range of light bulbs specifically, colour correction procedures are introduced to maintain a consistency of colour temperature within and across batches, while high quality LED Drivers are vetted for effective heat dissipation.

In terms of life span and efficiency, take a look at the table below to see how our bulbs compare with older technologies. Really, switching to LED Lighting is a no brainer.

Product Image Life Span (Hrs) Wattage (W) Lumens (Lm)
MirrorstoneTM Dimmable E27 6W OMNI-LED 30,000 6 650
E27 Halogen 1,000 50 500
E27 CFL 10,000 10 500