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LED Ceiling Lights And Fittings

LED Ceiling Lights And Fittings

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We use lights indoors perhaps more so than anywhere else, which is why our range of LED ceiling lights and fittings has so much variation. So, whether you’re looking for a new way of lighting your living areas, kitchen, bedroom or something for the office – we’ve got what you’re looking for.

Modern And Sleek LED Downlights

Over the past few years, downlights have been growing in popularity, replacing more traditional light fixtures that hang from ceilings.

For the most part, this is because of the growing minimalism trends, and downlights help streamline a room as they don’t protrude from the ceiling. Traditionally, these have been quite expensive to run, as they require more bulbs than standard light fixtures.

The introduction of LED downlights counters this, as LEDs use 90% less energy than conventional halogens.

Not only this, but a selection of our LED downlights come with an IP65 rating, protecting them from light jets of water and preventing any dust getting inside them.

Some also come with fire rating too, which helps prevent the spread of fire across floors. The heat causes the downlight itself to expand, which fills any gaps in the cutting hole, therefore making it air tight.

For even more choice, our LED downlights come in GU10 and integrated variations. GU10 LED downlights allow you to use separate GU10 LED spotlights, giving you flexibility with the kind of light you want.

Integrated, or fitted LED downlights come with everything in one unit – with bulb, transformer and casing all in a single product. Sometimes, this is a more convenient option, evidenced by one of our best sellers – our 7W Fitted LED Downlight 600 Lumens Standard Tilt.

A More Traditional Kind Of Fitting

All of this isn’t to say that we don’t cater for a more conventional look – we also have a huge range of both traditional light fittings, and spotlight fittings too.

Our light fittings come in all shapes and sizes, with many customers taking a liking to our chrome coloured fittings. Really, the choice is one that depends largely on your interior décor, with some fittings providing more intricacy over others.

Our spotlight fittings are a little more subtle, and are often referred to as “semi-flush” fittings. This is because they aren’t recessed like downlights, but aren’t as obtrusive as pendant fittings.

All the spotlight fittings we offer come in either single, triple, 4-way, 6-way or 8-way variations, which is something for you to consider in relation to the size of your room.

Almost all of these take GU10 LED bulbs, so our entire range of GU10 LED spotlights are compatible with the fittings.

LED Panel And LED Tube Lights

Whilst downlights and fittings are great for domestic use, they’re not so practical for use in a commercial environment. This is where our selection of LED panel lights and LED tube lights come in.

You’ll find LED panel lights is many offices and classrooms nowadays for similar reasons why downlights have become so popular – they help create a far more streamlined look.

Not only that, but the grid ceilings used in many commercial environments go with panel lights far better too. All the grids are manufactured to standard dimensions, which explains the popularity of our 600 x 600 40W LED Panel.

It slots straight into a suspended grid ceiling, creating a seamless light fitting that looks like it was made especially for your room.

The panels are available in surface mount, recessed and blue edge lit variations.

They’ve replaced a lot of tube lights, though this isn’t to say that no one uses them anymore – they are still highly popular. Our LED variants come in T5 and T8 types.

There are a few common problems found in many traditional CFL tube lights, the first of which is that they tend to flicker. This can be particularly irritating when you’re trying to concentrate. Secondly, they hum and buzz when they’re on, which compounds the effect of the flickering.

Thirdly, the light from them also tends to be dull, and lifeless, whilst the final problem is one that concerns your safety and the impact on the environment.

CFL tube lights contain mercury inside them, which is hugely detrimental to your health in the event of a leak. Recycling and disposal also becomes a major problem as a result.

All these problems disappear when you switch to LED tube lights – there’s no flickering or humming, LEDs have a much higher colour rendering index (CRI), and LEDs are also almost completely recyclable too.

Smaller areas may benefit more from our selection of LED light bars. These are especially convenient, as they are plug and play – simply plug them into your mains supply and switch them on!

They can also be connected end on end, giving you as long a length as you need.

Why Choose Mirrorstone?

The incredible variety and quality of products available is only one of many reasons why you should opt for Mirrorstone products.

As Wholesale LED Lights are the exclusive stockists of Mirrorstone items, you’ll find that they’re some of the most competitively priced lighting products available on the market. This means your money goes much further, thanks in part to the incredible lifespan of the lights on offer, with most bulbs and spotlights lasting between 30,000 and 50,000 hours.

If they don’t, then we have a 28 day home trial in place if you change your mind about anything. Not only that, but Mirrorstone products also come with a 2 year warranty as standard, unless otherwise stated. All bulbs and spotlights can have their warranties upgraded to 5 years at no extra charge too.

Given that we are open to both public and trade customers, we can offer even better prices at wholesale rates, with volume discounts available on selected lines as well.

All items though, will earn you loyalty points. Shop again with us in the future, and you can trade your points in for up to 10% off, so it’s well worth building up your points.

If you’re not sure where to start, give our customer services team a call on 0116 321 4120, or email us at You can also post on our Facebook page, and tweet us too @WLEDLightsUK, and our social media team will be happy to help you too.