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Retro Eyeball 3 Light Droplet Copper Description

Make your lighting the showstopper within the room by taking a look at the Retro Eyeball 3 Light Droplet Copper. This Mirrorstone design features three ‘eyeball’ style shade which are all finished in a shiny copper colour.

Each shade requires an E14 bulb, and if the fitting is to be installed in the living area for example, we recommend going for warm white (3000K). As this is a versatile ceiling light, however, it would also look great within the kitchen too, which means a cooler white (6000K) bulb will work best.

It measures 310 x 310 x 450mm meaning that it won’t be too overbearing when it has been installed into your ceiling.

Your order will also come with free delivery by spending a minimum of £40.00 with us, as well as a 12-month warranty.

Understanding LEDs

LED technology is known to use a lot of jargon which can make them rather difficult to understand. This is why we have broken down the most common acronyms for you here:

LED – Stands for ‘Light Emitting Diode’. This, in Layman’s terms, means a semiconductor which glows when a voltage is applied. Essentially this is why LED bulbs become luminous when they are turned on.
CCT – Stands for ‘Correlated Colour Temperature’. This typically refers to how cool or warm the light emitted is. It is measured on the Kelvin scale, with cool white being (6000K) and warm white being (3000K).
CRI – Stands for ‘Colour Rendering Index’. CRI is a measure of how closely a light source, like a bulb, resembles natural daylight. LEDs in general have a high CRI, causing them to produce more naturalistic light which shows colours realistically.

Broaden Your Horizons

We have a huge selection of Indoor Light Fittings with something to suit every home, and every room. From stunning Ceiling Lights to dainty LED Table Lamps, we guarantee that you’ll find a fitting you love.

Why not switch it up and take a look at our integrated LEDs like the Chrome LED Designer Flush LED Light Fitting. This gorgeous light has a spiralling chrome bar with jewelled LEDs on the outer half of the bar. The powerful chips will be able to illuminate the room with an extraordinary 3100 lumens of light.

To keep your décor a touch more minimal, why not try a flush fitting such as the Silver LED Designer Flush LED Light Fitting. This ceiling light features a wired design which is incredibly intricate and unique.

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