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Short Can GU10 Fire Rated Fittings

Short Can GU10 Fire Rated Fittings

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GU10s have quickly become some of the most popular types of bulbs across the whole UK, so having a diverse range of fittings to choose from has never been more important.

Part of this includes our brilliant range of Short Can GU10 Fire Rated Fittings from Mirrorstone – they’re compatible with all our separately sold GU10 LED Spotlights, and all have short can bases. This means they can be used in any ceiling – particularly those with shallow recess depths.

Safety First!

Crucially, they’re far safer than standard downlights too thanks to the fire rated protection they come with.

The integrity of your ceiling becomes compromised when you cut holes into it – as you have to when installing any of our downlights. Tiny gaps between the hole and the downlight allow air to pass through, and therefore fires to spread.

Our fire rated downlights however are made from a special material that expands under extreme temperatures. This essentially closes up the gaps, and makes your ceiling air tight once again – therefore stopping fires spreading between floors.

The Finer Details

Above all though, it’s the variety that makes our Short Can GU10 Fire Rated Fittings so appealing. With white, chrome, satin chrome and die cast finishes available, you needn’t worry about your lights clashing with your choice of interior décor.

Depending on the item that you go for, cutting holes can also vary, with requirements starting as little as 65mm, going up to 70mm, 75mm and 90mm in diameter.

If you are looking to use these downlights in your shower room, bathroom, or anywhere else with high water concentrations, there are a few items in this category that come with an IP65 rating. This protects the downlight from light jets of water from any direction.

If you’re looking for something a little more directional, we also have a selection of tilt downlights. Generally, they can tilt at angles of up to 30o, giving you a beam of light that is slightly more focused than the fixed variants.

One of the more popular products in the range is our Fire Rated Short Can GU10 Downlight Fixed Chrome. This is mainly down to the fact that it does everything well, and can be used with pretty much any GU10 bulb.

Buying With Confidence

All our Short Can GU10 Fire Rated Fittings come with our 14 day cancellation period. This lets you return any of the downlights to us for a full refund or exchange if you no longer want them.

Mirrorstone will also give you a 12 month replacement warranty for any unlikely faults further down the line.

Our customer services team are on hand during our opening hours to answer any questions you might have about this range – simply call us on 0116 321 4120 or email us at

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