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Surface LED Panel Lights

Surface LED Panel Lights

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  1. Discus 18W LED White Downlight
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  2. Polo x Bulkhead IP65 13W 4000K White
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There are 75 items in this category

Items 1-40

When space to recess your panel lights is in short supply or if you don’t even have a suspended or “drop” ceiling, these Surface LED Panel Lights from Mirrorstone are just what you need.

They come with all the requisite fixings, screws and brackets that will enable you to fasten them securely to any flat surface, be it concrete, wood or plasterboard.

They’re each supplied with an appropriate transformer/driver that will convert the mains power, so all you’ll need to do is connect it up with the driver discreetly concealed behind the 40mm deep panels.

All equipped with an IP44 Ingress Protection Rating, you’ll be able to use these fittings in a wide variety of environments from the driest living area to those where there’s likely to have water splashed on them like the bathroom.

These surface-mounted LED panel lights come in circular and square varieties and in a wide number of different wattages. This will enable you to achieve exactly the look you’re after while also achieving exactly the right level of illumination for your room whatever its dimensions.

Thus, for a small guest bedroom, you might decide to install a 6W Round Surface Mounted LED Panel Light on the ceiling or on the wall behind the bed, as it will generate a more-than ample 600 Lumens that you’ll be able to dim provided you have a suitably LED friendly trailing edge dimmer switch installed.

Colour Temperature Options

In a bedroom, you’re probably going to opt for the warm (3000K) white colour temperature because it’s a mellow kind of light that’s conducive to relaxation.

For larger rooms such as your open-plan kitchen/dining area, you’re going to require more lumens, so go for a 24W Square Surface Mount LED Panel Light – its 2400 lumens in the cool (6000K) white, clinical colour temperature will be perfect for task-related activities such as cooking.

If you do have a suspended ceiling, you may be interested to discover that we also have a wide range of recessed LED panel lights, as well as a whole host of ultra-stylish Edge-Lit LED panels for you to choose from.

Great LED Savings!

When you install these all-in-one fittings as replacements for your existing halogen light sources, you’ll notice a distinct reduction in the amount you’re spending on lighting. That’s because the integral LEDs they contain are unbelievably cost-effective, consuming just a fraction of the electricity yet producing the same amount of light and lasting a lot longer.

The 12W model, for example, generates the same 1200 lumens as an 80W halogen and, with a life-expectancy of 50,000 hours they’ll outstrip 3,500 hour halogens almost 14 times over!

Quite aside from the money you’ll save on electricity and replacement bulbs, you’ll also save between 10 and 20% on these fittings when you apply our discount code to the contents of your shopping cart.

Any order that exceeds £40.00 will be shipped free-of-charge, and every pound you spend will earn money-saving reward points.

Protection For You And Your Order

All our products carry a 14-day refunds guarantee so, if an item you’ve purchased isn’t quite right for you, it can be sent back for a replacement or a refund.

Each of these versatile and stylish surface mounted LED fittings comes complete with a 2-year warranty which should give you peace-of-mind for the foreseeable future.

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