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Rooms with high ceilings or rooms that are in need of a new lease of life could benefit from one of our stunning LED Pendant Lights.

These Mirrorstone fittings hang from your ceiling at varying lengths, and fulfil a number of duties – some are designed to be lampholders, whilst others take the form of more traditional chandeliers.

For example, our Designer Silicone Suspended LED Lampholder Pendant is really simple – it simply hangs from the ceiling and has an E27 base at the bottom. On the other hand, our Tennyson 4 Tier Ceiling Light Acrylic Drops is more of a conventional and far more intricate chandelier aesthetic.

Whilst the whole range is of the utmost highest quality – we also have our Gaia selection, where you’ll find the most premium lighting solutions available on the market.

Whilst the styles may vary throughout, their overall purpose remains consistent – which, above all else, is to provide general purpose illumination.

The variety of bulbs employed by the fittings here ensure that you have the freedom to use your existing bulbs – with E27, G9, E14 bases, whilst some fittings opt for integrated LEDs.

Where applicable, all fittings come with the option to have the correct bulb supplied with it.

In particular, our Edenite Retrofit LED Pendant Lamp is a great seller, thanks to its versatile E14 base, and highly attractive frosted glass finish.

Please note that all lights in this category are special order items, so delivery times will be longer as a result. For standard pendant lights, delivery will take 3-5 days longer, whilst the Gaia products have a lead time of approximately 7 days.

Finish Off Your Interior Decor!

The LED Pendant Lights in this category give you a focal point of light for your room, but no area of the home is complete without supplementary mood lighting.

This is where our other LED wall lights, LED floor lamps and LED table lamps come into play!

If you are looking to buy multiple fittings, you can get free shipping by spending over £40 – so you pay nothing for delivery!

Order Protection

As standard, all our Pendant Lights come with a 28 day home trial period that lets you return your item to us for a full refund or exchange if you no longer want it.

Please be aware though that all fittings in this category are special order items, and have to be ordered in from our supplier when you purchase them.

This means that all Pendant Lights will be subject to a 15% restocking fee if you need to return them to us.

For this reason, please ensure that your basket is correct before confirming purchase.

Standard Pendants come with a 12 month replacement warranty, and all Gaia Pendants come with a 5 year replacement warranty, courtesy of Mirrorstone Lighting.

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