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Light Fittings

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Brighten up your home with our fantastic range of light fittings. Our range of decorative light fittings is one of the largest available. Whether you're looking to add some extra lighting to your home or completely renovate, we guarantee you'll find something you like! Everything ranging from traditional to modern, have a browse on our website and, if you still have questions, speak to our customer service team.

Where to start

It can be tricky finding the perfect light fittings for your home. It is partly a matter of taste - what do you prefer? However, you also want to aim to match the existing decor in your home. Fortunately all of our product descriptions are supplied with high-res images of the fittings allowing you to get a good sense of how these fittings will look in your home. More importantly, you can take advantage of our 28 day returns policy - try the fitting and, if you don't think its quite right, exchange it for another one. It really is that simple.

Given the size of our light fitting range it can be a bit overwhelming choosing just one fitting. Our advice? Buy a few and try them out. Cancel the one's you don't want under our 14 day returns policy.

Our light fittings are fully compatible with our range of LED Lighting. Always check what type of bulb each fitting is designed to take. Our fittings are suitable for any room in your home. If you are buying fittings for your bathroom or kitchen please be wary of the IP rating on the fittings. The IP rating refers to the waterproofing on the fitting and is a good guide for where you should and shouldn't use a fitting. Bathrooms are prone to becoming wet and humid and, as everyone knows, water and electricity aren't a great mix. Light fittings with an IP rating protect the electrical components from the moisture in the room ensuring they don't get damp and short circuit.

Mirrorstone Light Fittings

One thing you can be sure of is that Mirrorstone Light Fittings are some of the best available. So, it goes without saying, that Mirrorstone is the smart choice. But what distinguishes them from other brands. One word - experience. Mirrorstone Lighting have almost 10 years experience manufacturing light fittings. During this time they have perfected their manufacturing process, ensuring that every light fitting is manufactured to the highest possible standard and that they use only the highest quality components.

When you buy a Mirrorstone product you can rest easy knowing you have purchased a product that is guaranteed to last.

For more information on our range of light fittings please speak to our customer service team.