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Single LED Spotlight Fittings

In this category there are 12 items with prices between £6.24 and £19.44.

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Our amazing selection of Single LED Spotlight Fittings help give your home some additional task lighting, independent of your main source of illumination.

Manufactured by industry leaders Mirrorstone Lighting, these brilliant fittings take a single spotlight – either GU10 or G9 – and feature adjustable heads that allow you to point the light anywhere you like.

This gives the range a functional purpose, though the highly contemporary chrome and brushed metal finishes that dominate the selection also ensure that they look the part too.

For example, our Single GU10 Spotlight Fitting is fairly simplistic in terms of its design, and features a fully adjustable GU10 head, whilst our Hilton Chrome Single Spotlight With Decorative Wire Head is more on the flamboyant side with its wire head. It also uses G9 bulbs.

Make The Switch To LED Lights

All the fittings in this category come with the option of having the correct bulb included with it, which saves you the hassle of purchasing one separately.

You do of course have the freedom to use your existing bulbs, but there are a few reasons why you should probably opt for one of our newer LEDs.

If you’re switching over from halogens or CFLs, then you’ll benefit from the lower energy consumption of LEDs, and reduced lighting bills as a result.

Even if you have been using LED bulbs, choosing new ones will help get the maximum out of the super long lifespans that you will already be aware of.

If you’d rather, you can take your pick from our selection of GU10 LED Spotlights and our range of G9 LEDs.

We stock a wider range of spotlight fittings consisting in 3, 4, 6 and 8-way units.

No Fuss 14 Day Cancellation Period

It happens a lot when buying online, that the final item doesn’t quite match up to what you thought it would be. There’s nothing wrong with this – which is why we offer a 14 day cancellation period on all purchases in this category.

During this time, you’re welcome to send the item back to us for a full refund or exchange if you have changed your mind, though please be aware that these are all special order items, so there will be a 15% restocking fee applied to any returns.

It also means that delivery will take 3-5 days longer than usual.

Mirrorstone Lighting will also provide you with a 12 month replacement warranty should you run into any unlikely failures on any of the fittings.

Get In Touch

If you’d like to ask us anything about the items in this range, or anything else you may have seen on our site, then please give us a call on 0116 321 4120 or send us an email to and our customer services team will gladly assist you with any problems you might have.

You can also speak to our social media team too by posting on our Facebook page, or by tweeting us @WLEDLightsUK and using the hashtag #WLEDAware.