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440 Lumens
Life Hours
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Orders Over £40 Ship Free

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Specification Table

Globe (GLS)
440 Lumens
Equivalent Wattage:
Input Voltage:
Height (mm):
Diameter (mm):
Life Hours:
1 Year

B22 4W LED Filament Pear Shaped Bulb Amber (Warm White 3000K) Description

To give your light fittings that evocative look of yesteryear, all you’ll need is one of these amazing B22 4W LED Filament Pear Shaped Bulbs from Mirrorstone Lighting.

It’s amber coated to give the impression of age, however, beneath its glass dome its actually an incredibly energy efficient light bulb that’s capable of saving you a great deal of money.

That’s because, at just 4W it consumes just 1/10th the energy required by the conventional halogen or incandescent light bulb you may still be using in your home. That’s right, this bulb will generate the same number of lumens as a 40W bulb, and that’s not all because it will last many times longer as well.

Indeed, with an expected lifespan of 25,000 hours you can easily expect this bulb to still be working at optimum capacity in 8 or 9 years’ time, and that’s if you have it switched on for 8 hours every day!

It comes in a warm white (3000K) colour temperature, so it will be perfect for convivial, relaxing areas like living rooms and bedrooms and also to provide mood lighting in restaurants and bars where its unique aesthetics won’t go unnoticed.

Environmentally Sound Lighting

You won’t just save money on energy and replacements when you switch to LED lighting – you’ll be helping to save the environment as well. LEDs like this create far less environmentally damaging CO2 than traditional light bulbs and this can help you to drastically reduce your carbon footprint over time.

They’re made using 100% recyclable materials and, unlike CFL light bulbs they contain no mercury, so they won’t poison the precious water table if they’re broken.

And, whereas fluorescent bulbs require some time to warm up, flicker and emit an annoying buzzing sound, LEDs come on immediately, emit a constant light and run completely silently, so no more light-induced headaches, either!

Retro Styling For All Your Rooms

We have a wide selection of B22 LED bulbs for you to choose from and there are even different types of these retro styled models, so why not take a look right now?

The B22 4W LED Filament Radio Valve Bulb, for example, will be the ideal bulb for your open-plan kitchen-dining area.

There’s also the B22 6W LED Filament Giant Globe Bulb which will look absolutely amazing when used in your kitchen-dining area in conjunction with the stunning 3-Way Over Table LED Light Fitting or, for simplicity’s sake, the Colby Metal Retro Pendant Light Shade with which you’ll replace you old, worn out shade. Similarly amber-coated, the oversized LED bulb will evoke a feeling of the past and provide a great talking point at dinner parties.

Don’t forget that, if your light fitting isn’t a B22, we have a wide variety of retro LED bulbs in our E27 range as well.

Don’t forget that there’ll be no charge for shipping on orders that exceed £40.00, and when you apply our special promo code to your shopping cart you’ll get 10 – 20% off this LED bulb and many other selected items.

Post Purchase Protection & Contact Details

When you buy any of our LED lighting products, you’re guaranteed satisfaction because we have a 14-day cancellation period on everything we sell.

As this B22 LED Filament Bulb is a special order product that we don’t keep in our warehouse, we’ll have to charge a 15% restocking fee if you do decide you’d like to send it back to us once received.

It’s sold complete with a 12-month manufacturer’s replacement warranty that should afford you extra peace-of-mind going forward.

Should you require any further information or assistance, please don’t think twice about contacting us on 0116 321 4120 or by sending an e-mail to:

You can also get in touch with us via our Facebook or Twitter social media pages if you’d prefer.