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G4 LED Bulbs

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LED lamps with low voltage 2-pin G4 fittings are commonly found in desk lamps and cabinet lighting. Our G4 LED bulbs are designed as a direct replacement for your existing halogen G4s and will use less energy and last a lot longer.

As this is a low voltage (12V DC) bulb you will need to purchase a compatible LED driver, otherwise your bulbs may not work properly.

Check out the video below to find out more about the differences between the G4 and the other fittings available:

Changing To LED Lighting

By now you are probably familiar with some of the benefits of LED lighting. They are more efficient and cost less to run. They also last longer. Just a few of the reasons to make the change.

However, many people don't realise that LEDs generate less heat, which is an especially important consideration with G4 bulbs. G4s are typically used in small enclosed fittings with little air flow. In these situations halogens burn out quickly as they generate a huge amount of heat.

At best they fail prematurely, at worst they are a fire hazard. Because LEDs generate a lot less heat they are more suited for these types of application and results in your lights lasting longer.

Don't Get Caught Out By Poor Quality Bulbs

It is sometimes hard to distinguish a poor quality bulb from a decent one. Here are a few points for making sure you buy only the best bulbs.

Firstly, look at the price. If the price of a bulb seems too good to be true, it may very well be. If a company is selling bulbs for very cheap they must be cutting costs somewhere. Usually this is by using inferior quality components and manufacturing processes. The bulbs may work initially but will probably fail well before their expected life span.

Secondly, the warranty. Decent quality LED lighting products should be supported by a warranty. If there is no indication of a warranty or returns policy, tread carefully. All our LED light bulbs are supplied with a 5 year warranty, one of the best on the market.

Finally, the manufacturer. Who manufactures bulbs? Are they reputable? All our bulbs are manufactured by Mirrorstone Lighting, one the biggest names in LED lighting solutions. They use only the highest quality components in their bulbs and ensure they meet all EU regulations for the manufacture of electronic items. All our bulbs carry the CE mark as standard.

Moreover, we offer our clients a 14 days cancellation period so that they can test our products properly.

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