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14.4W/m RGB LED Strip Light Kits

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Incredibly simple, convenient and easy to install, these 14.4W/M RGB LED Strip Light Kits from Mirrorstone contain everything you’ll need to achieve an absolutely dazzling lighting display right there in your home.

In the pack, you’ll receive a reel of RGB LED strip lights, a remote controller and a 240V power adaptor that will give you true plug-and-play capability.

You’ll choose from 1-metre lengths right up to 5-metres to suit your requirements, and you’ll be able to cut them to any length, enabling you to illuminate virtually any sized room from the smallest box bedroom to the largest living space.

Cutting your LED strip lights to size is incredibly simple, but if you’re at all unsure of exactly how to do it, please watch this brief video as it explains exactly how it’s done:

Unfortunately, if you cut or otherwise alter these strip lights in any way, we’ll be unable to accept a return under any circumstances.

With the IR (Infra-Red) remote that’s supplied you’ll be able to control the functions of these strip lights, creating visually dazzling lighting effects and a wide range of effects including smooth, fade, strobe and flash. You’ll also be able to vary their intensity and choose from a combination of up to 16 different colours.

When you’re ordering your LED strip light kit, don’t forget to indicate the level of Ingress Protection you require. There’s the IP20 for indoor use and IP65 for installations where there’s likely to be water flying about such as the kitchen, bathroom or even the garden!

These LED strips will emit light over a 120° beam angle, ensuring a wide and even spread of light, particularly when they’re correctly installed with one of our aluminium profiles.

Profiles will give your LED strip installation a very professional look, but they’ll also dissipate any heat they generate, considerably lengthening their life-span, which is already 20 times that of an incandescent!

Save With LEDs

These LED strip lights require just 14.4W/m to run, and produce 1020 Lumens/m. An equivalently bright halogen light would consume 80W of power, so you’ll save money when you switch to LED.

You’ll also save 10 – 20% by applying our latest discount code to the contents of your shopping cart and, every order you make that exceeds £40.00 will be shipped free-of-charge.

Don’t forget that you’ll earn reward points for every pound you spend and for those who are in the trade, we offer the opportunity to benefit from our hugely reduced wholesale prices by creating an online trade account with us.

No-Stress Returns And Warranty

When you buy one of our products, you’ll have 14 days to cancel it should it fail to live up to your expectations. Just give us a ring, arrange to send it back in its original packaging and we’ll offer you a replacement or a refund.

These 14.4W/M RGB LED Strip Light Kits come complete with a 2-year manufacturer’s replacement warranty top give you extra peace-of-mind going forward.

If you’d like a chat about these LED strip light kits with one of our customer service advisors, please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 0116 321 4120 or email us at:

You can also post a comment on our Facebook or Twitter social media sites. We can’t wait to hear from you!